9 Best Head Shavers For Men For No-Nonsense Grooming in 2023


A shaved head is a timeless look. It doesn’t matter what age you are – a slick, shorn cranium is simply iconic. Essentially, it’s a men’s hairdo that pretty much goes with anything, and having the best head shaver makes all the difference.

From Tom Hardy and Terry Crews to Bruce Willis and Jude Law, the masculine shorn-headed style offers the perfect combination of striking aesthetics and a no-nonsense grooming regime.

Another plus point of a completely shaved head or a close-to-the-bone buzz cut is that if your hair is thinning or balding, taking the clippers to your skull will make you look younger. But, what is the best head shaver for the job?

While a shorn head is indeed a classic look that you can achieve at home, knowing which of the best head shavers to choose can be tricky. There are thousands of head grooming products on the market, but unfortunately, many are flimsy or substandard.

Luckily, we did the hard work of researching for you. Here we’re going to look at the best head shaver for you, the modern gent, and tell you exactly what to look for in a top-quality trimming product.

Before we embark on our best header shaver for men journey, it’s worth noting that to get the most out of your shiny new dome trimmer, you need to know what you’re doing. 

To start things off, here are eight top men’s grooming tips just for you. 

Now, let’s dive in.

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Our Top Picks

When you’re talking price, design, performance, and attachment choice, the FlexSeries is the best head shaver for men on our list. Not only is this wonderful dome groomer compact and easy to hold, but its blades glide over the head without fuss. Oh, and this neat little shaver also comes with a pre-shave massage attachment, an exfoliator, a nose trimmer, and a choice of three clippers — freedom at its finest.

Wet & Dry: Yes | Battery run time: 90 mins | Travel Friendly: Yes

What we like

  • The sturdy design and superior cutting action
  • The pre-shave massager and exfoliator
  • The long-lasting reliability
What we don’t like

  • Some men might prefer a more streamlined design

First, in our best head shaver hit list, we have this tidy number from MAX-T. While this isn’t the cheapest head shaver on the market, its robust quality, solid battery life, and intuitive 3D floating heads offer a safe, precise cut for the scalp and face, giving you plenty of bang for your buck. Simply charge up, dampen your skin, and start shaving.

Wet & Dry: Yes | Battery run time: 120 mins | Travel Friendly: Yes

What we like

  • The ergonomic slimline design
  • The hypoallergenic blade surfaces
  • The cool numeric battery life monitor
What we don’t like

  • This might not be up to the job if you have dense patches of coarse hair

This chunky, handheld four-in-one best head shaver from ATEEN comes complete with noise reduction technology and a fully palm-gripped ergonomic design that will help you achieve a smooth, even cut with ease. The 5D floating head is reliable and kind to your skin, and if you’re the kind of fella that likes to groom your head several days a week, this will certainly do the trick.

Wet & Dry: Yes | Battery run time: 90 mins | Travel Friendly: Yes

What we like

  • The flexible 5D floating shaver head
  • The ergonomic palm-held design
  • The fact that it’s quiet (like a silent skull shaving assassin)
What we don’t like

  • If you shave your head a little less frequently, another product might suit better

Sporting a compact handheld design, skin-friendly rotating blades, and an arsenal of additional men’s grooming accessories, this spritely head shaver is a one-stop shop for that smooth, slick modern look. Not only is this bad boy easy to use and clean, but it comes with three clipper lengths, a nose & ear trimmer, precision clipper attachment, skin exfoliator, and a pre-shave massager. What more could you possibly need (besides a pop-up head trimming butler of course)? 

What we like

  • The comfortable handheld shape
  • The amazing mix of grooming accessories
  • The head massaging and skin exfoliation features
What we don’t like

  • Some gents might want something a little simpler, which you can get for a slightly lower price point

With 13 pieces to play with and nine clipper lengths to choose from, this welcome addition to our best head shaver list is perfect for men that like to change up the look or style of their buzz cuts regularly. The shaver’s compact angular design is effective, the clipper itself is snag-free, and it comes with a neat travel case.

Wet & Dry: Yes | Battery run time: 40 mins | Travel Friendly: Yes

What we like

  • The handy travel case
  • The excellent choice of clipper lengths
  • The striking looks of this neat little shaver
What we don’t like

  • The battery time is a little more limited than other shavers

If you’re a gentleman that has gone almost completely bald, or you’ve receded quite noticeably—and your head is, say, quite wide (particularly masculine, in other words)—the Kibiy is the best head shaver for bald men. The large floating rotary blades glide over the head seamlessly, leaving a smooth, shorn finish that will make you as proud as a street-strutting peacock.

Wet & Dry: Yes | Battery run time: 90 mins | Travel Friendly: Yes

What we like

  • The fact that it’s so waterproof, you can use it in the shower
  • The shaver’s striking futuristic looks
  • The neat travel lock
What we don’t like

  • Some gents might prefer something slightly more compact

This wallet-friendly product is indeed the best head shaver for men on a budget. But, let’s get one thing straight: the iwoole is no bargain bucket grooming device. With flexible heads, a decent hand-held shape, three clipper lengths, and reliable wet/dry action, this is a solid option for gents looking to achieve this slick, streamlined look. Oh, and it comes with nose trimmers, too.

Wet & Dry: Yes | Battery run time: 90 mins | Travel Friendly: Yes

What we like

  • The nice price
  • The reliable rotating blades
  • The solid design
What we don’t like

  • This might not be the best for everyday shaving use

For that classic bald or lightly shadowed look and superior handheld feel, the Pitbull is without a doubt the best head shaver for fellas in the mood for a luxury splurge. The shaver’s eye-catching chrome body and unique finger-grip design is a cut above many luxury shavers on the market—it’s also excellent for a wet face shaving experience. A travel-friendly, wet-dry shaver that will make your friends green with envy.

Wet & Dry: Yes | Battery run time: 90 mins | Travel Friendly: Yes

What we like

  • The pioneering easy-grip design
  • The luxurious look and feel
  • The irritation-free technology and handy travel lock
What we don’t like

  • There are other excellent head shavers with a lower price tag

This analogue head shaving razor is somewhat of a wildcard in our best head shaver list, but we do like to cater to everyone. For gentlemen who like the great outdoors or live an off-the-grid lifestyle, but still want to keep their craniums trim, the travel-friendly Moto sports a unique finger grip design, stainless steel blades, and a reliable lubricating strip for a solid non-electric head shaving experience.

Wet & Dry: Yes | Battery run time: n/a | Travel Friendly: Yes

What we like

  • The shaver’s travel-friendly nature
  • The cool, functional shape
  • The lubricating strip
What we don’t like

  • If you’re after an electric shaver, this probably isn’t for you

What To Look For When Looking For The Best Head Shaver

Now that you’re through our best head shaver list, we’re going to help you cement your decision by telling you what to look for in your perfect dome grooming product.

Wet & dry functionality

First of all, any of the best head shavers will offer the option for both wet and dry use. Many electric head shavers are safe for use in the bathtub or shower, making them convenient and easy to use, particularly if you have sensitive skin. If you come across a head shaver without any form of wet and dry flexibility, you should probably look elsewhere.

Battery life

Shaving your head shouldn’t take too long, but by opting for a header shaver with at least 60 minutes of solid battery life, you will be able to enjoy multiple grooming sessions between charges. So, as a minimum requirement, look for head shavers with at least 60 minutes of use time and a simple battery charging system, with USB charging a great option. 

Design & shape

Choosing the best head shaver design depends on your level of hand-eye coordination, your palm size, and your personal preferences. If you like a traditional grip, for instance, you might choose a shaver with a traditional barber clipper design and if you prefer a palm grip, going for a skull shaver-style shape might be the best option.

Additional accessories & features

You might just want something simple and straightforward, but you would be amazed at how many men’s head shavers come with clever additional accessories or features. You might want a mix of clipper choices, for instance, or additional grooming attachments. Or you could be after something with a travel lock (if you’re a bit of a jet setter) and a skin massager (if you have a sensitive scalp). The point here is to think about your personal head grooming requirements and compare a few options. Before long, you’ll have the best head shaver of your dreams.


    • To use a head shaver safely and effectively, you should first read through the manual in full to get to know your product and its functions.

      Before use, you should charge your shaver in full, slightly dampen your head (or apply a pre-head shave product), and work from either front to back or back to front (whichever direction is more comfortable) pulling the skin tight as you go. It’s also worth noting that you should also hold your head shaver in your dominant hand.

      • Most modern head shavers are suitable for both wet and dry use (always double check yours before using it). That said, you can clean your shaver effectively by tapping any excess trimmings into the bin before opening up your shaver head (or removing it, depending on the design) and rinsing it thoroughly in water. 

        Once you’ve cleaned your shaver, make sure you dry it with cloth or towel and stow it away safely.

        • The best bald head shaver for someone often differs depending on personal needs and preferences.

          But, for a classic clean bald headed look, hand held skull shaver designs with flexible floating blades usually offer the best finish. For a full rundown of the best head shavers, check out our definitive list above.

          • Head clippers, trimmers, and shavers do share a crossover as they are all portable and capable of achieving an even bald-headed or closely buzzed look.

            While head trimmers offer the functionality to cut your hair to shorter or more cropped styles, clippers allow you to trim it down to any length, down to almost bald.

            Dedicated head shavers often come with different clipper lengths for more grooming choices, but their flexible floating blades and ergonomic designs are purpose-built to achieve a smooth, even fully bald look.

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