12 Best EDC Wallets: Every Day Carry You Can’t Forget in 2023


From bifolds to cardholders, there are endless options when it comes to carrying your cash. But if you’re looking to travel light (and smart), then you need to get to know the best EDC wallets on the market.

Compact, convenient, and the latest must-have accessory, everyday carry wallets serve multiple functions. They can hold your monetary essentials but also protect you from identity theft or open a bottle of your favorite beer (yes, really). And while all men’s EDC wallets strive to make your life a little easier, they’re definitely not all the same.

In this guide, I’ll be taking you through the various different options and highlighting 12 of the best luxury styles for your consideration. So whether you’re looking for something for the weekend, work, or day-to-day, keep reading for my round-up of the best EDC wallets for every style, occasion, and budget.

Key Takeaways

Bulging, tatty wallets have become somewhat of a staple in a guy’s accessory arsenal. I’m not saying it’s right (far from it), but it’s an unfortunate reality. With so many other things on our to-do list, buying a new wallet gets knocked so far down the pecking order it’s easily forgotten. If you’re lucky, you may get one for Christmas.

But things don’t have to (and shouldn’t) be this way. From GRIP6’s Ninja Loop to Serman Brands’ budget-friendly money clip bifold, the options in this guide will help makeover any pocket.

Our Top Picks

holding a customized leather wallet
mikosknifelife / Instagram

GRIP6 Ninja Loop Wallet

Some things are getting bigger: phone screens, TVs, Jake Paul’s bank account. But thankfully, our wallets (more specifically, EDC wallets) are getting smaller—giving you more space in your pocket and less things to worry about.

The Ninja Loop from GRIP6 is the perfect everyday option when you want to keep your essentials close by. It’s been engineered to offer super quick access to your credit cards while offering sleek style that’ll complement any outfit. You simply squeeze the palm lever (which doubles up as a finger loop), and your plastic will rise in the order of your choosing. Once you press them back, they’ll be stored away securely and protected with the latest RFID technology.

Material: Leather, Aluminum | Colors: 9 | Size: 4 x 3 x 0.5in | Type: Cardholder | Special Feature: Finger Loop

Roderer Award Cardholder

In a world where cash is dwindling, bulky wallets are fast becoming a thing of the past. In their place are a range of pocket-friendly cardholders that will gladly carry your plastic without weighing down your pants and leaving an unsightly bulge.

This version from Roderer has everything you’d expect from one of the best EDC wallets. Covered in soft-grain Italian leather, the aluminum case has space for up to seven cards and provides protection from bending, breaking, and identity theft.

Material: Leather, Aluminum | Colors: 1 | Size: 2.56 x 4.13 x 0.71in | Type: Cardholder | Special Feature: RFID Protection


From leather to nylon, the best EDC wallets are available in a range of materials. And while they’re all great in their own way, if it’s something lightweight and super strong you’re after, titanium is definitely where it’s at.

This version from The Ridge is all about carrying less but having everything you really need. You can take your pick from three options. One comes with a cash strap, and the other with a money clip. The third has both. Whatever one you choose, you’ll have space for up to 12 cards with RFID protection.

Material: Titanium | Colors: 6 | Size: 86 x 54 x 6mm | Type: Cardholder | Special Feature: Money Clip

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Carl Friedrik Hatton Slim Wallet

There was once a time when a guy would have his entire life in his wallet. I’m talking cards, cash, travel passes, receipts, and a passport photo of a loved one. Nowadays, men travel lighter. Which means you can now fit everything in your pocket without looking like you’re carrying around a tennis ball.

This slim version from Carl Friedrik is deceptively large. Without taking up much room at all, it still offers room for six cards, plus a middle pocket for folded notes. It’s made from full-grain leather that will soften over time—meaning the card fit might a bit snug at first, but the wallet will eventually be uniquely yours.

Material: Leather | Colors: | Size: 7.4 x 10cm | Type: Wallet | Special Feature: One side construction

Mismo Card Wallet

A wallet is with you day-to-day, so it’s really important you make the right purchase. Go for something too showy, and you risk not being able to use it for the office. Too casual, and you can forget about wearing a suit.

Mismo’s zipper wallet hits the perfect middle ground—offering subtle style that’s suitable for any outfit or occasion. Made from vegetable-tanned leather, it opens up into a pouch for easy access to your coins and notes. At the back, there’s room for a card or two (but don’t expect it to hold much more).

Material: Recycled Leather | Colors: | Size: 10 x 7 x 2 cm | Type: Coin and Card Zipper Wallet | Special Feature: Foldable

Serman Brands Money Clip Wallet

Sometimes, we spend so much on a new wallet we’re left without the cash to put into it. Ironic, right? Thankfully, there are a bunch of affordable options out there that have all the workings of their pricier counterparts (but without the hefty price tag).

Serman Brands’ EDC wallet is tough, looks great, and won’t leave you broke. Made from full-grain leather, it’s equipped with multiple card slots to fit in your essential plastic, plus RFID technology for your security. The addition of a money clip (that can hold up to 10 bills) is a pretty nifty touch, too.

Material: Leather | Colors: 9 | Size: 4.3 x 3.1 x 0.6in | Type: Bifold | Special Feature: Money Clip

Ekster Parliament Wallet

For the guy who likes to lead a minimalist lifestyle, a streamlined EDC wallet is essential. Forget about holding onto unnecessary coins and old receipts, it’s all about carrying around the things that really matter.

This minimalist wallet from Ekster is super slim without sacrificing space. You can gain easy access to your credit cards at the push of a button, while there’s an internal strap for cash and hidden pockets for extra plastic. Better yet, if you’re guilty of misplacing your possessions on the regular, you can buy the Ekster tracker (sold separately). Perfect for forgetful minds like mine, it helps track down your wallet to its last known location.

Material: Leather | Colors: 6 | Size: 4.8 x 2.9 x 1in | Type: Bifold | Special Feature: Quick Card Access

Hide & Drink Leather Pocket Wallet

I bet you’ve heard people claim that ‘good things come in small packages,’ right? Well, if you didn’t believe them, you certainly will now. The best EDC wallets are proof that you don’t have to be big and bold to be great. Bite-sized but bursting with handy features, this one from Hide & Drink is a must-have for any collection.

It’s handcrafted from the highest quality leather that not only ensures ultimate durability but will get better with age. Inside you’ll find a zipped compartment for coins and cash, plus places to store small outdoor essentials such as a flick knife, lighter, or torch.

Material: Leather | Colors: 3 | Size: 4.75 x 3.75 x 0.5in | Type: Zip Wallet | Special Feature: Zip Compartment

Pelican Micro Sport Wallet

Designed to accompany you on life’s toughest adventures, tactical wallets are as strong as they are stylish. Equipped with plenty of awesome features, they’re not just about carrying cash but helping you get through the day.

Crushproof and resistant to water and dust, Pelican’s EDC wallet will be your best friend if you happen to end up in a spot of bother (but it’s ideal for every day too). Featuring a nylon lanyard for easy carrying, it’ll hold everything from keys to credit cards and bills. Oh, and should you find yourself lost at sea, did I mention this little bad boy will stay afloat?

Material: Polypropylene | Colors: 1 | Size: 5.75 x 3.5 x 0.5in | Type: Wallet | Special Feature: Crushproof

Muradin Bifold Wallet

For years, men have used their overcrammed bifold wallets to hold receipts, spare change, ID cards, and notes. And while it’s handy to have so much stuff to hand, it can get a little embarrassing when it’s time to take it out and pick up the bill.

With Muradin’s EDC wallet, you don’t have to worry about rosy cheeks or bulging pockets. The streamlined design is small enough to go undetected in your jeans but has plenty of room to carry everything you need. There’s slots for 12 cards, plus RFID protection and sturdy metal screws to keep it all together. What I like best is the secret compartment that’s ideal for keeping your front door key safe.

Material: Leather, Aluminum | Colors: 23 | Size: 4.2 x 3 x 0.6in | Type: Bifold | Special Feature: Secret Compartment

New Bring Multifunctional Wallet

No matter how nice your wallet is, after a few years of wear and tear, it can end up looking a little tired. If you’ve chosen quality leather, this can be a good thing. On the other hand, it could start looking more tatty than timeless.

Choose a metal wallet like this one from New Bring, and you never have to worry about such problems. Resembling the kind of Swiss Army knife you dreamed of owning as a kid, it’s kitted out with a bunch of super cool features that are guaranteed to come in handy. You can attach your house key and a bottle opener, as well as keeping your cash and cards safe.

Material: Aluminum | Colors: 3 | Size: 5.8 x 9.1cm | Type: Cardholder | Special Feature: Bottle Opener

Eagle Creek Reveal E-Tools Organizer

Whether you’re exploring your favorite city or traveling Europe, keeping track of your essentials is key. It can be hard enough working out which train to catch without having to fiddle through your overstuffed bag for your travel pass and headphones.

Eagle Creek’s Reveal E-Tools Organizer keeps everything in one convenient and easily-accessible place. Made from 100% recycled materials, it features multiple compartments, including padded stretch pockets designed to keep your belongings organized. There’s also an attachment loop (so it can hook onto your backpack), plus self-repairing zippers with rope pulls for easy access.

Material: Recycled 300D Poly | Colors: 4 | Size: 4.5 x 7.5 x 1in | Type: Pouch | Special Feature: Attachment Loop

a leather bifold wallet by Bodhi Dualcard
speakeasyleather / Instagram

What to look for in an EDC Wallet


Men’s EDC wallets come in a variety of materials. And while each has its own advantages, there are a few that always come out on top. Leather is a great all-rounder, offering style, durability, and versatility. Stainless steel is tough and affordable, while titanium is super lightweight and strong.


As with any wallet, EDC wallets are available in more than one style. The one you choose will need to be suitable for your daily needs. For example, if you only want to carry a couple of essential cards, then you may want to consider a minimalist wallet. Looking for something roomier? Try a bifold.


EDC wallets can come with a range of features. Some will come in handy, while others might be unnecessary. Take some time to work out what it is you need your wallet to have. Do you need an ID window? Or is a coin pouch or money clip more important? Once you understand what you want, you can then narrow down your options.

a dapper EDC wallet by Dango
onebigpikey / Instagram

Final Verdict

By now, you’ll understand why investing in an EDC wallet is in your best interest. Perfectly sized for your pocket while carrying all of the essentials you require, they’re a must-have accessory for any guy.

GRIP6’s Ninja Loop wallet is a great place to start for anyone looking for their perfect all-rounder. Offering super easy access with ample storage and RFID protection, it has everything you need for your day-to-day escapades.


    • Slim, lightweight, and durable, EDC wallets (or everyday carry wallets) can come in a variety of forms. Smaller and more convenient than traditional designs, they often feature additional functions or features such as RFID blocking technology, money clips, and even mini tools.

      • What you can put into your EDC wallet will vary depending on the particular style you choose. Some everyday carry wallets will only hold a few cards, while others will have space for notes and sometimes coins and keys too.

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