20 Best Fanny Packs For Men: Belt Bags for Everyday Carry 2023


30 years ago or so, fanny packs were the it fashion item for both men and women. Then, as fast as they hit the scene, they disappeared. For a few decades, even the best fanny packs for men would be met with fear and resentment. It was a dark time for fanny packs and the people who loved them. 

Jump to 2018, and high-end designers like Gucci and Prada are pumping out the best fanny packs for men in their biggest fashion lines of the season. All it took was some key hypebeasts to start rocking fanny packs (or should we say belt bags?), and they were back with a vengeance. Now, it’s hard not to find a dozen or more guys with sling bags and fanny packs in all the hippest neighborhoods in the world. 

Whether you’ve been supporting fanny packs for the long haul or you’re just jumping on the bandwagon (and there’s nothing wrong with that), there are more options than ever to get lost in. Considering that, FashionBeans put together a buying guide to highlight some of your best future mens fanny pack purchases. 

Whatever the size or need, we wrangled up the best fanny packs for men so you can relax. Just check out our guide, choose your favorite fanny pack for men, wear it proudly, and enjoy sporting the biggest come-from-behind fashion item in the past 50 years.

Our Top Picks

man looking down opening a fanny pack standing in front of a brown brick wall
sunwornvintage / Instagram

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

If you haven’t seen these men’s belt bags around recently, you’re probably living under a rock. But seriously, these Lululemon men’s fanny packs have been everywhere lately, from music festivals, to the gym, and of course, to Trader Joe’s. It’s no wonder why, considering the athleisure brand has given the classic belt bag form a twenty first century upgrade.

Made from a durable, water-repellant fabric, this belt bag for men will keep your valuables safe and dry. The interior has added pockets for organization, and there’s even a back zippered pocket for quick access to your most precious belongings. Whether you wear it across your chest or around your waist, this sleek fanny pack is here to stay.

The ReNew Transit Bag

Material: 100% Recycled Polyester | Colors Available: Gray, Black, Olive, Blue | Dimensions: 16 x 6.5 x 38cm | Pockets: 3

Whether it’s your first or your 50th fanny pack, you can’t go wrong with a throwback look. Everlane kept that in mind and took an understated, minimalist approach to the classic fanny bag stylings with their ReNew Transit Bag. It’s got the chill vibe of a 90s bag but a sleeker design that keeps you grounded in the present.

It comes with two external pockets and a spacious pouch that’s big enough to fit all your favorite stuff. Speaking of favorite stuff, Everlane chose to go 100% sustainable with this bag. You can look good and feel good about your footprint. It’s pretty clear why this landed the number one spot on the best fanny packs for men guide.

Keep in mind that it can just as easily be slung over the shoulder for a more contemporary look. That way, you aren’t stuck wearing it around your waist like a 90s tourist dad.

Mismo MS Belt Bag

Material: Italian Canvas | Colors Available: Khaki | Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 3 in | Pockets: 4

Just because Mismo makes some of the most amazing leather goods doesn’t mean they can’t smash a canvas bag too. Their M/S belt bag is made from Italian cotton and nylon canvas, with a smart Italian leather strap that can be worn across the waist, chest, back, bottom… wherever. With a bag this unique looking, it would look awesome worn as a necklace (probably; we don’t suggest you actually do that).

Mismo does a beautiful job of making a unique fanny pack (even though they stay far away from the words fanny and pack). Don’t tell them they’re on a list of the best fanny packs for men. The basket-esque shape is a welcome change from the typical fanny pack, and it holds a surprising number of pockets and compartments to keep all your small goods organized.

Roderer Award Belt Bag

Material: Soft-Grained Italian Leather | Colors Available: Black | Dimensions: 7.8 x 4.7 x 3 in | Pockets: 2

Leather bags will always be one of the most luxurious accessories you can get, and that goes double for belt bags. Going against the grain of the typical fanny pack will separate you from other fanny enthusiasts in the best way possible. This pack will announce to the world your chic style and trend-friendly sensibilities. 

Lovers of fine leather probably already know about Roderer. They make some of the slickest handmade leather goods in the world, and they don’t skimp on their fanny pack with the softest Italian leather. You can count on a Roderer bag lasting decades. 

Baboon To The Moon 3L Fanny Pack

Looking for a slightly larger men’s belt bag? Consider this 3 liter sack that’s twice as roomy as a normal fanny pack and twice as stylish, too. The main pocket is top loading and has heaps of space for your daily essentials, from a bulky wallet to a point and shoot camera.

The front pocket is ideal for smaller items like lip balm or a beard comb. Save the back pocket for your phone, passport, and loose cash, as it keeps your most cherished items close at hand. Finished with a water resistant nylon shell, this belt bag for men will take you anywhere from the trail to the big city streets.

NorthFace Mountain Lumber Pack

When it comes to outdoor gear, it’s nearly impossible to top a brand like North Face. The Mountain Lumber Pack is one of the best belt bags for men, thanks to its rugged construction and backpack-like features. We’re talking compression cincher, a highly adjustable strap, and a hidden pocket (in addition to the main one) to keep valuables super safe.

The internal organization in the main pocket is second to none, with additional mesh and zippered pockets for smaller bits and pieces. Whether you’re wearing it with workout clothes or smart casual, this is one piece of gear you’ll never want to leave at home.

Nike Jordan Jumpman Crossbody Bag

Sometimes simple reigns supreme: case and point, this belt bag for men. Featuring a classic design and just enough room for your essentials, this fanny pack will never weigh you down.

It only has one pocket with minimal organization, but this contributes to the slim silhouette. Ideal for the guy who isn’t interested in extra bells and whistles, this black belt bag will go with anything you throw on, making it a seamless addition to your every day, city-slicking wardrobe.

Carhartt Waist Pack

It should come as no surprise that Carhartt makes one of the best belt bags for men because, seriously, when does this brand ever miss? Practically comes first with Carhartt, and this bag is a home run in every area.

The dual pockets allow you to tote your belongings hands free, and the roomy design ensures you’ll never have to weigh down your pockets ever again. While there’s lots to love about this men’s belt bag, it’s worth highlighting the dual loops to attach gear to and the rugged construction, durable enough for on-site work and stylish enough for daily wear.  

Material: Coated Canvas | Colors Available: Blue | Dimensions: 8.7 x 6.7 x 1.4 in | Pockets: 2

When making a statement is first on your agenda, consider looking to the Gucci Ophidia fanny pack. Covered in Gucci‘s iconic logo and signature ‘Love Parade’ blue, it’s also equipped with a full-grain leather belt that is far from bland. This punchy pack tells anyone looking that you aren’t willing to compromise when it comes to fashion. And it will be tough for folks not to stare.

This medium-sized wonder shouldn’t give you any trouble fitting all your essentials. Just don’t expect it to get you through a camping trip unless it’s purely glamping. You probably won’t want to toss this bougie bag around in the woods anyway, considering its equally bougie price tag. I never said all the best fanny packs for men would be cheap.

Vquand Waterproof Fanny Pack

Material: Polyvinyl | Colors Available: Black | Dimensions: 11.81 x 6.69 in | Pockets: 2

Beach and pool fanny pack fans rejoice. Out of the best fanny packs for men, this one can also withstand a healthy dip in some H2O. With features like a zipper lock and folded velcro covering the pockets, no moisture is getting through this bad boy. No wetness and no compromising.

The coolest part about this awesome offering from Vquand? You can actually use your phone’s touch screen without sand and water butting in and ruining things. Vquand used the perfect material to pick up your touch inputs without having to put your valuables in danger.

You might have found your best new beach companion.     

No21 Logo Plaque Crossbody

Material: 100% Calf Leather | Colors Available: Black | Dimensions: 13 x 20 x 6.5 cm | Pockets: 3

If you haven’t heard of the tour-de-force Italian fashion house No21, their logo plaque bag might be the perfect introduction. This brand does an exquisite job of blending the masculine and feminine to create products that blur the lines of contemporary fashion. If you’re interested in transcending masculinity, this might be the men’s belt bag you’re looking for.

Started by Alessandro Dall’Acqua in 2010, No21 creates shoes and accessories for guys who want to be more than average. They aren’t totally over the top, but their large logos and flashy hardware definitely aren’t for the faint of heart, either. If you’re wearing No21, you’re going to be noticed—there’s just no avoiding it. So be prepared (and enjoy). 

Material: Nylon/Leather Handle | Colors Available: Black | Dimensions: 7.9 x 9.1 x 2.8 in | Pockets: 1

Givenchy is a seriously badass fashion brand for guys who want to dress differently. Aside from the bag shaped like a dog (you’ll get there, and you’ll love it, trust us), this might be the most unique design in the guide. It features a roomy main compartment with a chunky front-facing silver zipper and branding across the face of the bag that will always turn heads. 

The nylon and branding give this bag a sort of futuristic flair, and wearing it slung across the chest will leave you looking like a sort of fashionista blade runner. Pair it with the right overcoat, and people might actually mistake you or Harrison Ford or Ryan Gosling out for android recall. It’s not a cheap look by any means, but it’s worth the asking price.

Affinest Hiking Fanny Pack

Material: Nylon | Colors Available: Green, Black, Navy, Orange, + | Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 6 in | Pockets: 6

If you’ve ever been hiking, you’ve probably had the thought, “these absurdly high-tech camping backpacks just don’t hold enough stuff.” Well, the folks at Affinest heard our prayers and delivered the goods. They didn’t just spit out a many-pocketed pack and call it a “hiking fanny pack.” They designed something that can rival an actual backpack

This fanny pack holds so much stuff that you might end up retiring the old hiking backpacks you’ve held dear for so long. This no-nonsense pack might be a little too much fanny for some, but I fully embrace it as one of the best fanny packs for men planning a serious hike. It even holds your favorite can of trail mix (or beer, depending on how chill your hike is).

Belstaff Ripple-shell Belt Bag

Material: Nylon | Colors Available: Black, White, Green, Blue, + | Dimensions: 16 x 22 x 6 cm | Pockets: 2 

If all you need are a few essentials, the Belstaff Ripple-Shell belt bag will definitely live up to the best fanny packs for men hype. This is a pack that only carries a few things, but it looks damn good doing it. It has two zip pockets, one small pouch in the front, and a larger body compartment. Just enough space to hold your sunglasses, wallet, and cell phone without feeling jam-packed. 

Belstaff excels at creating accessories that look classic while at the same time 100% recognizable. The Belstaff logo attached to the front tells everyone you know your shit when it comes to the best bag brands. The white model especially is great for standing out. 

Ralph Lauren Colour-block Corduroy Belt Bag 

Material: Corduroy | Colors Available: Navy  | Dimensions: 5.5 x 9.4 in | Pockets: 1

Simple and practical equals beautiful when it comes to the best fanny packs for men. And Ralph Lauren has always had a gift for creating clothes and accessories that have a minimalistic beauty about them. They take liberties to elevate common items far beyond the realm of average. Just don’t expect a million pockets or anything.

Take this color block fanny pack; they could have stuck to a single, safe color, and they could have just made a canvas or nylon bag like everyone else. Instead, they gifted the world this awesome blue, red, and green fanny pack crafted from the finest corduroy. It even has a sexy leather zipper tab to add to the natural color scheme and pseudo-hippy look. 

If you’re looking for a change of pace, this might be the best fanny pack for you.    

Travelon Anti-theft Active Waist Pack

Material: Nylon | Colors Available: Black, Charcoal, Teal | Dimensions: 6 x 8.75 x 2 in | Pockets: 2 Lockable Pockets

Sometimes you need something more secure than the average fanny pack, and other times you need something even more secure than that. Enter the Travelon anti-theft fanny pack. This is a belt bag that won’t let anything in without the proper clearance (a.k.a your combination or key).

If you’ve never had anyone try and rob your fanny pack, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. For everyone else, consider this another men’s belt bag for the collection. 

Venture 4th Travel Money Belt

Material: Nylon | Colors Available: 10 | Dimensions: 11.8 x 5.9 x 0.4 in | Pockets: 3

Venture 4th is more than just a clever brand name. They’re a clever brand name that created the best slim men’s belt bag. Sometimes you don’t want something that’s going to hold all your crap. Sometimes you don’t even want something that’s going to be visible. That’s where Venture 4th’s money belt comes in.

It’s got an RFID blocker, so it’s perfect if you’re traveling or if you just want to stay safe. You won’t have to worry about threats from pick-pockets (if those still exist) or credit card skimmers with this belt bag-wallet hybrid. It’s also small and discrete enough that if you don’t want people to know you’re wearing a fanny pack, they don’t have to.

SoJourner Holographic Clear Fanny Pack

Material: Nylon | Colors Available: Holographic Purple | Dimensions: 11.5 x 7 x 4 in | Pockets: 3

If you haven’t shopped for the best fanny packs for men with the specific purpose of absolutely blowing people’s minds, then you haven’t lived. This is a bag that catches and transforms the daylight. If you hold it up to the light, it leaves a patch of magical flowing colors instead of a shadow. So, if you ever wanted a bag that could melt brains at a festival (brains that are three drinks in, minimum), this might be the one. 

Just keep in mind that people will be able to see into your bag since it is technically clear. You won’t want to walk through any dark allies with tons of cash and a $1000+ smartphone in this bag. 

Material: PU Leather | Colors Available: Holographic Green | Dimensions: 15.3 x 3.5 x 4.3 in | Pockets: 2

You’ve already been introduced to the fanny pack to take to festivals. Now, meet the best fanny pack for a rave. Both packs do fun stuff with light (to keep it totally layman-friendly), but where the holographic bag transforms light, this bag amplifies and reflects it. 

This will basically turn you into a human disco ball by taking whatever wild rave lighting is around you and kicking it up a notch… or ten. Prepare to steal some faces (if you know, you know).

Material: Pebble-grain Leather | Colors Available: Black | Dimensions: 4.7 x 11.5 in | Pockets: 2

If you didn’t realize dog-shaped fanny packs were on your wanted list, join the club. I’d never even thought to look for one, and yet here we are. If you’re in the market for an eccentric, unique fanny pack that denies the norm, this might be a new favorite. This bag is shaped like a lovable dachshund and is chunky enough to fit all your necessities in its roomy internal and external pockets.

Thom Browne has been putting modern men’s fits in the spotlight with their minimalist classiness and elevated classics. The price might be a little much for a lot of guys, and we wouldn’t blame you for avoiding a dog-shaped pack attached to an eye-watering pricetag. But for guys who don’t mind spending thousands on a novelty designer bag, this Italian pebble-grain leather wiener-dog is a home run.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Fanny Packs For Men


One of the first things you’ll look at when picking out the perfect men’s belt bag is the color. You may even want to switch up your color sets depending on the season. Bright and cheerful colors might be on the menu to match the summer energy or something a little more laid-back and earthy when fall is blowing through. Or just grab something like black or gray to work anywhere, anytime, year-round.  

Man wearing a pick shirt, a neck bandana, and a cross-body fanny pack
roughenoughnyc / Instagram


You’ve always got to consider how much of the pack will be covering your fanny, chest, or wherever else you’re going to be slinging this fella. An overly large fanny pack can look silly, but a tiny one might not be able to fit all your necessities, so shop wisely. Pay attention to the dimensions, or you may end up looking a little crazy. 

Number of Pockets

The number of pockets will be the final deciding factor for many guys deciding between the best fanny packs for men. You might need only one or two stylish pockets for a day out in the city, while hikers could use several pockets to organize their supplies. Always keep in mind what’s going in your pack before making your final decision. 

If you end up getting a bag that doesn’t quite fit your needs, there’s nothing wrong with that. It can be good to have multiple fanny packs lined up for different needs.

Final Verdict

Unless you have something specific in mind, the ReNew Transit Bag by Everlane won the prime spot on the best fanny packs for men list. It has a classic but slightly elevated look, it can be slung anywhere, and it can hold all your stuff without looking bulky. It also comes in some fun colors that work for any time of the year. 

Unless you need a million pockets for a big hike or crave a unique fabric like corduroy, you really can’t go wrong with the ReNew men’s belt bag.


    • The two favorite spots for a men’s belt bag are around the waist and across the chest. The cross-chest is a fresher look for most guys these days, so maybe give that shot. If style isn’t your number one concern, try out multiple locations to learn which is most comfortable for you.

      • Yes, fanny packs are absolutely still in style. You can see a men’s belt bag left and right on an average day out in NYC or Philadelphia, so it’s clearly still cool to rock one.

        • Fanny packs go by many names. The main being *drum roll please* belt bags. Yes, the world may have come a long way since the 90s, but cool names for fanny packs haven’t. “Waist bag” feels blander than “fanny pack,” but guys who felt emasculated by using the word fanny no longer need to fear that stigma. “Belt bag” is picking up steam lately, so hopefully, it will soon completely eclipse “waist bag.”  

          Or just call it a fanny pack.

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