A Million Little Things Round Table: Maggie’s Meltdown!


What happens after the therapist has a meltdown?

Our TV Fanatics, Jasmine, Jack, and Christine, are here to debate Maggie’s reaction to Dr. Jessica, whether the guys gave Danny the right advice, and if Sophie’s ready to hit the dating scene after A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 3.

Also, find out which round table members think Katherine was too flippant or Greta was too insecure.

A Million Little Things Round Table

Was Maggie right to be as upset as she was about Dr. Jessica filling in for her while she’ll be out on maternity leave?

Jasmine: Honestly, no. Most of this has been Maggie’s own doing because she wasn’t adult enough to talk to her boss about maternity leave or be proactive about settling things with the show before she had the baby.

And she’s projecting all of her issues onto everyone else. At this point, she’s screwing herself out of a job.

I found both Maggie and Gary’s behavior to be incredibly childish as it pertains to Dr. Jessica. I don’t like how they’re trying to act as if Jessica is a villain who went after Maggie’s job and betrayed everyone.

Jack: I agree with Jasmine. As I said last week, Colton had to find someone to replace Maggie since she didn’t have shows recorded in advance. And Maggie’s attempt at confronting Dr. Jessica was so unprofessional that I felt she deserved to lose the job permanently.

And Gary’s response was equally ridiculous and self-sabotaging. There was no reason to fire Jessica as his therapist because she’s filling in for Maggie.

Christine: Maggie has handled all of this very poorly. She keeps expecting the worst of Colton and now Jessica and jumping to conclusions.

It feels like Maggie has become paranoid that everything is going to fall apart at any minute, which is somewhat understandable given all she’s been through.

But someone needs to help her see how grateful she should be. She and Gary are currently healthy. Her pregnancy seems to be progressing normally.

And even if she lost her job, it’s not the end of the world. She and Gary seem financially secure, and there are other jobs out there.

Right now, it seems no one needs a good therapist more than Maggie!

Did you agree with the guys’ advice to Danny about his first time having sex with his boyfriend?

Jasmine: I had such mixed feelings about this, and I couldn’t figure out if it was some hangup on my part or some conservative, prudish take on sex that had me feeling this way or something else.

I liked that it wasn’t just some abstinence message, but I loved that Danny was comfortable enough to speak to the guys about this. I generally enjoy when teens and adults can have healthy conversations about sex because I think it’s important.

But it also felt weird that they were just cosigning this 16-year-old going to have sex with his boyfriend without more extensive discussions about other comprehensive aspects of the actual act of sex. There’s being progressive, and then there’s… this. It was too “Go forth and f**k” for my taste.

Jack: I had similar feelings. I felt like they were a little too encouraging.

Christine: I felt they should have pressed harder about why Danny was hesitant. Maybe he was not really ready, and someone needed to tell him that that was okay.

And I don’t say that meaning they should have talked him out of it because that likely would have backfired. Generally speaking, most people have sex for the first time in their late teens. Being able to talk about that with trusted adults in their life tends to make it a safer and emotionally healthier experience.

So, from that perspective, I loved this scene. But it still felt like someone should have told Danny it was okay to wait until he was completely sure this was what he wanted and not just go ahead because he and Milo chose this date.

Is Sophie ready to start dating after what happened with Peter?

Jasmine: I think Sophie has to trust herself and go at her own pace. But she seems like she’s ready to try, and she isn’t pushing herself beyond what she can handle. But she’s not running away from an opportunity to find love, which is important.

Jack: I think that she will need to move slowly. It was important that she was willing to reach out and give this guy a chance.

Christine: For Sophie, “ready” will come in fits and starts. I’m just thrilled she was able to share her fears with Regina. Sometimes simply talking things through can help put them in perspective.

But Sophie will definitely have to take any new relationship slowly. It would probably be helpful if she had a therapist to talk things through with on a regular basis too.

Was Katherine too flippant about never wanting to marry again? Was Greta too insecure?

Jasmine: I think Katherine was a bit, but it also makes sense with the stage she’s at in her life, and I think that’s how she feels now, but it’s not a permanent thing.

Katherine is still embracing who she is confidently in so many ways, not just with her sexuality, and she’s enjoying that freedom and should be allowed to be in this state of being for a bit.

I definitely feel like Greta was too insecure. I feel like they have this same issue all the time, and no matter how often Katherine reassures her, Greta still expects Katherine to announce to everyone she encounters that they’re together and shout it from the rooftops.

That’s just not who Katherine is in general, not just with Greta.

Greta is still hung up on that heartbreak and rejection in high school and needs to sort through that. I think Katherine is doing remarkably well for a woman who is newly out and a divorcee and needs more grace extended from Greta.

Jack: I can understand Greta feeling upset that Katherine said that marriage was out of the question. These two need to be on the same page about where the relationship is headed.

However, that — and Katherine not announcing to the escape room host that Greta is her girlfriend — are a far cry from laughing at Greta. Greta really needs to let go of the past.

Christine: I get Greta’s point of view. She and Katherine are living together and in a committed relationship. It had to be a shock to hear Katherine remark so soundly that marriage was off the table.

And at the Escape Room, not only didn’t Katherine introduce Greta as her girlfriend, she didn’t introduce her at all! It was a little rude, if nothing else, and just added to Greta’s insecurities about Katherine views her.

What these two need is better communication. Neither is wrong, but they need to understand each other’s perspective to avoid these kinds of misunderstandings.

As of this episode, what’s one thing you hope to happen by the end of the series?

Jasmine: I don’t know. I guess I just want some idea of where the season is going so that I can appreciate the progress by the end.

I feel like there are things happening, and we’re in the lives of these characters, but I still don’t know what we’re working toward by the end of the series for many of the characters.

Jack: I felt like there was a lot of immature behavior from the adults in this episode, so I’d like that to stop and for certain people (yes, I’m talking to you, Gary and Maggie!) to grow up a bit.

Beyond that, I agree that some clue as to where we’re going and how this will wrap up would be nice.

Christine: I hope to see Maggie pull it together. She’s spiraling, and I’d like her to feel more hopeful and secure when she and Gary have this baby.

I’d also like to see something for Rome and Regina. I’m not even sure what, but it currently feels like they’re two separate entities, and I want to see something good for them as a couple.

And how about Danny as the child’s Godfather?

What, if anything, disappointed you during this installment?

Jasmine: Maggie and Greta’s behavior. And Theo’s lack of growth and development as a character compared to the Dixon kids.

Jack: Maybe it was me, but as I said above, I felt like there was a ton of immature behavior. Maggie’s tantrums about Jessica were not entertaining to me, and Gary’s response to Jessica taking the job wasn’t any better.

Greta also went into sulky mode and wouldn’t have told Katherine what was bothering her if Katherine hadn’t pushed.

I also wasn’t a big fan of the godfather competition.

Christine: Did anyone else think that going to an Escape Room late in Maggie’s pregnancy was a bad idea? I know it was only an hour, but that wouldn’t have been my choice for an outing.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from “In the Room”?

Jasmine: If you had told me five seasons ago that I would enjoy anything with Eddie, I would’ve thought you were joking.

I’m pleased to hear that he wants to become an addiction counselor.

I also love Sophie and Gina’s relationship so much.

Jack: I loved Gina encouraging Sophie.

This was a small moment, but I cracked up when Walter said he recalled that Herb owes him ten dollars.

Christine: It was great to see the guys in their Bruins jerseys one more time and trying to make Danny a part of their tradition.

And I loved that Sophie opened up to Regina. These two make a great pair.

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