12ayo Talks Humble Beginnings and Rise to Prominence


It is possible to unearth latent abilities in the most unlikely of settings. Take 12ayo, a musician from East Los Angeles who has family in Mexico and El Salvador. Until a serendipitous meeting at a barbershop, music was never on his radar. Something about 12ayo stood out to his barber, who prompted the question of whether or whether he had ever explored a career in music. Twelve year old 12ayo was interested enough to give music a shot despite his complete lack of knowledge in the field. With the help of YouTube tutorials, he quickly learned the fundamentals of music production and soon after released his debut single, “Muevelo.”

Twelve years later, 12ayo is a seasoned musician who has released multiple albums. He composes songs that reflect his inner turmoil, but before he does that, he makes sure he’s in a calm, collected space. He tells his producer about the concept for the project, and the producer makes a rhythm as 12ayo expresses his feelings. After the instrumental is finished, 12ayo will mumble to himself until he comes up with a catchy melody, at which point he will begin the lyrical composition process.

Being a self-sufficient musician and producer has been more rewarding than 12ayo ever imagined. He enjoys the independence and fulfilment of creating and releasing new music, as well as the challenges and rewards of developing his skills. However, it isn’t always easy to get new ventures off the ground. Twelve-year-old had trouble with his vocal range at first but eventually found a coach who helped him. He also had trouble with the wrong people during his studio sessions, but with the help of his friends and family, he persevered and is now creating groundbreaking music that reflects his innermost thoughts and feelings.

The success of 12ayo in the music industry is a tribute to the transformative potential of dedication and originality. He motivates people to look for their own strengths wherever they may be. With hard effort, perseverance, and a willingness to try new things, 12ayo was able to go from leaning in to a prompt in an East L.A. barbershop to being a successful music artist.


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