Days of Our Lives Round Table: Rebound Sex in Salem


Rebound sex abounded in Salem while some couples hooked up while others imploded.

Sarah bedded Rex after finding Xander with Gwen. And Allie overreacted to seeing Johnny with Chanel and then jumped into bed with Alex.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Tony from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate Allie’s cheating on Chanel, if Chad and Stephanie are the real deal, Gwen getting her revenge on Jack, if Lucas will commit murder, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Gwen and Xander want Jack to sign over the Spectator, or Gwen will send Jennifer to prison. React!

Tony: Gwen and Xander’s threat is laughable, at best. If I were Jack, I’d tell them, “Okay, if you do that, I’ll inform the police of everything you’ve done to my family.

Including, but not limited to, being responsible for my mother-in-law’s death (because whether or not you believe she killed her, the fact remains, Laura would not be dead if she and Gwen weren’t fighting), drugging my daughter, and accusing said daughter of causing you to miscarry.”

Jack: Ugh. This “twist” annoys me. First of all, all this does is prove that Jack was right to disown Gwen. She’d blackmail her own father to get revenge. Why should he ever forgive her?

Also, I wanted to shake Jack when he refused Jennifer’s offer to turn herself in so that they could neutralize Gwen and Xander’s threat. That is such an obvious solution.

Since Jennifer already voluntarily went to rehab after the accident, Justin or Belle could easily convince a judge that she’s already done the same thing she’d likely be sentenced to. Problem solved. But no, Jack had to prolong this nonsense by giving in to “protect” Jennifer.

I also didn’t like the back-and-forth “we won’t do it,” “yes, we will” nonsense on Xander’s part. Either do it or not. Stop changing your mind!

Christine: What did Jack expect? He took Gwen’s home, job, and family all in one shot. That would make anyone desperate, and Gwen’s moral compass is rather warped on a good day.

I think Jennifer was being naive about getting off easy if she confessed. She was driving while under the influence, mowed down a woman who almost died, and then took off. She could easily do prison time even with a good attorney.

I’m actually not as upset with this storyline as some fans. I’m a little tired of hearing about Saint Abigail, the good daughter. And I love Jack, but he’s screwed up plenty in his life, so I’m kind of enjoying Gwen messing with him and Jennifer now.

Were you surprised that Allie slept with Alex, but Johnny chose not to sleep with Chanel? With Allie/Chanel/Johnny/Wendy/Tripp, which couple are you rooting for the most?

Tony: Not really. Johnny and Chanel had their time, and Chanel is being the bigger person. I’m rooting for Wendy/Tripp. I’ve always liked them, ever since Tripp first flirted with Wendy in Beyond Salem 2.

Jack: Johnny and Tripp are the only ones who showed any class. I was glad Johnny stopped Chanel from kissing him and that Tripp didn’t want to interfere with Johnny/Wendy and offered to hang out with Chanel so that Wendy and Johnny could go to the movie after all.

I was annoyed to various degrees with everyone else. Allie was the worst, getting drunk, being generally obnoxious, and sleeping with Alex, though he was not much better when he tried to convince her that the best thing was to keep it secret.

Wendy shouldn’t have flaked on Johnny to see Tripp, especially since they were on the way out the door. And she definitely had no right to be mad that Johnny hung out with Chanel after that.

After all the dust settled from all this nonsense this week, Johnny/Chanel and Tripp/Wendy seemed like the only viable couples. It’s a shame because I was rooting for Wendy/Johnny before this.

Christine: Allie has always been the more immature of this pairing, so I wasn’t shocked when she decided to get drunk and sleep with Alex. And Alex is usually happy to hook up.

Johnny still loves Chanel and probably always will. He knew she was in a bad place and didn’t want to make it worse. This is the pair I’ve been rooting for from the beginning.

As for Wendy, she and Johnny were cute, but I don’t see them lasting long-term. And I’m not feeling a lot of chemistry between Wendy and Tripp. I’d actually like to see Joey and Wendy share some scenes.

Nick Fallon had Marlena, Kayla, and Kate sign away their souls to the devil. Were you happy to see Nick in the afterlife? Are you looking forward to seeing how this story plays out?

Tony: I was indifferent. I never really liked Nick as a character, I thought he came off as creepy even before they made him evil, so I guess it works that he’s the devil’s secretary. I am, however, very interested to see how this plays out! I’m enjoying the afterlife story.

Jack: Right now, I’m glad this nonsense is only on about once a week. None of it makes any sense, and the best thing I can say about Nick is that at least he’s not Charlie!

Christine: I like Nick’s quirky, evil sarcasm, so I’m happy to see him back. And I have no idea where this afterlife story is headed, but I am intrigued.

I just wish they didn’t leave such long gaps before picking up the story once again. Waiting a week or more to pick up a story thread is one of Days’ biggest weaknesses.

Stephanie and Chad are now a couple, and his kids are thrilled. How do you feel about this pairing?

Tony: I’m fine with it. They’re not my favorite couple ever, but I enjoy them together.

Jack: I seem to be in the minority, but I’m thrilled about this pairing. I’ve always thought Stephanie had far better chemistry with Chad than with Alex, and Chad isn’t a creep who can’t take no for an answer, either.

I know Chad lost Abigail only four months ago, but that’s an eternity in soapland, and I don’t recall people thinking it was too soon after Paige died when JJ got together with Gabi. Nor were many bothered that Gabi was Paige’s half-sister, so why should it matter that Stephanie was Abigail’s cousin?

The scene with the kids was cute. I’m glad they’re on board, but I am wondering what story Chad and Stephanie have ahead of them. This was too easy!

Christine: Ugh. These two bore me. I don’t feel any chemistry between them. And considering how long Chad and Abigail were together, married and with two children, it does feel like this relationship has more to do with Chad being lonely and easing his pain than any real love he might feel for Stephanie.

As for the kids, I think Stephanie is a place-filler for how much they miss Abigail. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for how quickly they attached themselves to her.

Sarah tried to get over Xander by sleeping with Rex! React!

Tony: This is not abnormal behavior for people in a soap opera. Whenever someone has a breakup, they usually end up having breakup sex with someone else, particularly if that someone is a previous partner. I can’t say I’m surprised.

Jack: I’ve had more than enough of revenge sex, rebound Sex, and casual Sex. Can we have some real romance, please? That said, at least Rex is cool with being used.

How long will it be before he and Sarah fall for each other again despite the fact that Rex cheated on Sarah multiple times in the past and wasn’t any better than Alex at listening when Sarah said she was done?

Christine: I hate that Sarah had rebound Sex with Rex since he cheated on her multiple times in the past.

And I know Sarah was hurting, but purposefully rubbing it in Xander’s face made her look petty and immature. I was hoping for better.

Roman, Steve, and John decided to ask Lucas to kill Orpheus in prison. Do you think he’ll do it?

Tony: I doubt it. Lucas isn’t a killer, no matter how much he may hate Orpheus.

Jack: The writers seem determined to destroy Lucas’ character, so he probably will. He may say no at first, but then something will happen to change his mind. That seems to be how these things work.

Christine: I hope not. I think he’ll say yes because he’s furious over his mother’s death, but then back out before actually doing the deed.

As for Roman, Steve, and John. It’s one thing to ask Lucas for some sort of help, but to ask him to commit murder for them is way over the line. I was disappointed in them.

What surprised or disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Tony: The hypocrisy from Allie. So, it’s totally cool for her to kiss Alex and have Sex with him, and Chanel shouldn’t be mad about that, but Chanel can’t even be in the same room as Johnny without Allie throwing a hissy? At least she seemed to show a little regret, maybe.

Also, any scene with Gwen and/or Leo is an instant low for me.

Jack: Why the heck is Paulina taking Allie’s side? This is so out of character for her. She already dislikes and distrusts Alex because of the whole mess with Stephanie’s phone, yet she is pushing the idea that Alex/Allie are totally innocent when they have been flirting and more in front of Chanel.

This is not Paulina’s character. She is fiercely protective of Chanel, and she’s survived an abusive relationship to boot. She should be going all in on helping Chanel walk away permanently, not pushing Chanel to work things out!

I also wish that instead of any of this nonsense, the story had been that Allie succumbs to alcoholism following Marlena’s death, and Chanel gradually realizes she can’t deal with Allie’s drunken behavior.

That would have been a compelling story that had a basis in history and would have involved a lot of characters.

Instead, we went for the cheap drama about Chanel and Allie accusing each other of cheating while one did it and the other almost did.

Christine: I know Eric is at a low point, but he found a basement door when he pushed Brady to drink with him.

And I was disappointed when Stefan said nothing when he realized that Nicole likely ingested the drug he put in EJ’s drink. The drug appears to have long-term effects, yet he appears to feel no remorse over possibly wrecking Nicole’s life the same way he hopes to ruin EJ’s.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Tony: It’s always good to see Doug and Julie. Also, despite the circumstances, I’m glad Jennifer’s back.

Jack: Despite my annoyance with Paulina being on the wrong side, I did like when she pointed out that Chanel can’t solve anything unless she talks to Allie.

And for some reason, it cracked me up when she said, “Lord give me strength” in response to learning that Chanel and Johnny almost kissed again:

Christine: I loved Leo, Gwen, and Xander plotting to take over the Spectator. Leo always brings an added level of entertainment, and this storyline has the potential to be a lot of fun.

I also had to laugh when Alex told Allie, “Sex means a lot to me. Why else would I have so much of it?”

And it was good to see Nicole in a pair of jeans. She looked better than she does in a lot of the weird dresses they have her wear.

Now it’s your turn, Days fans. Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button below to share your thoughts on this in Salem. Then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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