Big Sky’s Latest Victim Responds to Stunning Twist


Big Sky is not messing around.

Throughout its freshman season, the series has featured countless deaths, and Big Sky Season 1 Episode 13 confirmed that Blake Kleinsasser was dead after being hit with a shovel by his brother.

Naturally, the development took fans by surprise, and many of them took to social media to speak out about the development.

“@BigSkyABC killing off @MRaymondJames in 4 episodes really a shame you guys could of had some but like so many show’s you ruined in the first season great job,” said one irate fan.

Michael Raymond-James, who plays Blake, responded to the above fan, sharing that he could only commit to a handful of episodes.

“Nah this isn’t anybody’s fault man,” the former True Blood and Once Upon a Time star wrote on Twitter, adding:

“They approached me with a story arc. I agreed but told them I could only commit to 3-4 episodes for a variety of reasons,” he continued.

“Everything was completely above board from the jump. #NothingButLove for @BigSkyABC,” his message concluded.

It’s not uncommon for actors to appear in a handful of episodes as part of an arc, it comes with the job, and the series has become well-known for offing its most popular characters.

Going all the way back to Big Sky Season 1 Episode 1, Cody Hoyt, played by Ryan Philippe, was gunned down by Legarski, one of the early villains on the show.

Raymund James was added to the cast earlier this year, alongside Michelle Forbes, Britt Robertson, Ryan Dorsey, and Omar Metwally.

The Kleinsasser family has emerged as big villains in the final stretch of Big Sky Season 1 episodes, but with three episodes remaining, it’s going to be fun to see how the family’s grip on the town continues to unravel.

They’ve been scared at the prospect of losing their power, and with Cassie and Jenny conspiring against them, it’s going to be exciting to see how it plays out.

The series is set to conclude its first season in the coming weeks.

What are your thoughts on the big exit?

Are you excited about what’s on tap?

Hit the comments below.

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