Susan Sarandon Says She Turned Down “Big Check” for This Baffling Thelma & Louise Sequel Idea


Susan Sarandon was close to telling Hollywood execs to take a flying leap after she was pitched a wild idea for a Thelma & Louise sequel.

The Oscar-winning actress appeared on The Tonight Show on Tuesday, Jan. 26, where host Jimmy Fallon congratulated her on the fact that many young people have been discovering her classic 1991 road film that also starred Geena Davis

“Oh, good! I didn’t know that,” Susan replied about the film’s newfound spotlight. “That’s cool.”

As it turns out, Susan explained that Hollywood bigwigs had hoped to create a sequel for the film, which sounds a bit baffling, given that, uh, let’s just say the original film doesn’t leave too many loose ends left to be tied up.

“They talked about a sequel, but I could not … I don’t know what it would be,” she continued. “I can’t understand.”

Picking up on this thread, Jimmy quipped that perhaps the sequel could be of the supernatural variety. ”Do you remember the movie, was it Topper?” he joked, referencing the 1937 comedy in which Cary Grant plays a ghost. 

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