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Rey Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

After Disney’s D23 Expo, the wait for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker just got a lot longer. That’s thanks in no small part to the latest footage of the film which was recently released online for those not lucky enough to see it at the Expo. The trailer was packed with cool scenes including fleets of starships ready to do battle, a red-eyed C-3P0, and Rey wielding a dual-ended red lightsaber.

That, combined with the dark cloak the character was wearing have led fans to believe that Rey just may cross over to the Dark Side in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Is it possible though? Is there any other explanation? Let’s talk it out, and go over some of the theories that are worth considering ahead of the film’s release date.

Rey Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Rey Is A Twin Or Clone

While the latest look at Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker does show Rey wearing a dark cloak and wielding a lightsaber typically associated with bad guys, it also shows her with her traditional blue saber and in her white garb. Our heroine could completely flip sides before the film is up, although it seems unlikely given this movie is meant to be a conclusion of the Skywalker saga and Daisy Ridley has said she doesn’t believe she’s returning for future films.

One theory that does seem plausible, however, is that Rey is a twin or perhaps a clone and that the “Dark Rey” is not the Rey we’ve been following. Clones have been a part of the Star Wars saga for a long time, so it’s not that crazy to believe that Rey may be one. Also, remember that cave scene where she tried to see her parents but only saw multiple copies of herself?

There is a problem with the clone theory, admittedly, as we haven’t seen clones in the current canon who are force sensitive. There were cases of that in the Legends continuity, though, so it’s possible that element could be re-introduced much like other bits of past canon that have been retconned. Rey being one of many force-sensitive clones would be a great callback to the old Star Wars novels, in which Emperor Palpatine had clones of himself.

As previously mentioned though, another possibility is that Rey has a twin who is as equally proficient in the Force as she has been shown to be. The two were seemingly separated with no knowledge of the other, or something was done to Rey’s mind to help her forget. After all, Rey doesn’t seem know a whole lot about her past, which is kind of weird as she wasn’t incredibly young when she was left on Jakku.

A twin may explain Rey’s abandonment, especially if her counterpart was being groomed to be a Sith or great force wielder for the Dark Side. Perhaps someone rescued one of the two in hopes of preventing the Dark side from having two evil Reys as opposed to the one. Not being Rey’s actual parents, but rather Rebel soldiers who knew they couldn’t haul a child around on perilous missions, she was taken to Jakku where she could at least have a chance.

Again, it’s possible, but there are some holes in the theory. For example, why would Kylo Ren lie about Rey’s origins? It is possible he was lied to by someone like Snoke who claimed to know the story, and that the twin’s existence was kept secret to prevent Kylo from having any jealousy or perhaps leaving to pursue the twin that’s already corrupted by the Dark Side. I’m no screenwriter, just a Star Wars fan hoping for some Prestige level twist.

Luke Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Dark Rey Is Just A Vision Or Dream Sequence

Another possibility, which many have guessed is the case already, is that Rey will not flip to the Dark Side, and that the scene was nothing more than a vision or dream sequence. Neither of those are rare in the Star Wars films, especially in this sequel trilogy where Rey frequently has visions or trippy stuff happen to her.

Remember when Luke went through his trial with Yoda in Dagobah and fought Darth Vader? Luke defeats Vader, but then when the mask blows up, it’s revealed that he was the person behind the mask. It was ultimately a metaphor that Luke feared succumbing to his fear and joining the Dark Side. It could also be seen as a clue that Vader was Luke’s father, though Luke wouldn’t figure that out until later in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Rey could be fearing the same shift in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, especially as she continues to learn the ways of the Jedi. She may see that while she has the lightsaber skills and force abilities, her immense power could easily be corrupted depending on the life that she chooses to lead. A clouded head space like that would lead to some trippy visions, and even trippier dreams.

Plus, keep in mind that Rey will likely continue training under the tutelage of the Force Ghost Luke Skywalker. It could be that Luke constructed a test where Rey faced a Dark version of herself because Luke was reminded of the internal struggles he faced as a Jedi in training. Rey will have a duel with her evil self, and then the whole incident will end without any real impact on the plot at large.

Now, a vision or dream sequence may feel like the most obvious answer to this Dark Rey reveal, but it’s not perfect. For example, one has to wonder why Rey would not only have a vision of herself turning to the Dark side, but in that vision she’d also have an entirely new lightsaber fans have never seen before. That just feels like an unnecessary part of the fantasy to expand upon, unless of course some marketing team requested it in an effort to push some Dark Rey toys.

Got a theory for what’s going on with Dark Rey? Drop it down in the comments below and be sure to stick with CinemaBlend as we continue our coverage leading up to the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on Friday, December 20.

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