Stop Living with Constant Drama, Anxiety, Side-Eye, & Stress… start Manifesting Magic instead!

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Don’t blame Mercury Retrograde… a Curse by Your Enemy

… a Wave of Bad Luck… or Just Life Not Being Fair!

Maybe the issue, is YOU and your mindset!

When life gets you down, and you feel like you are constantly battling one obstacle after another in an endless, vicious cycle—whether it’s money issues, your job, the kids, friendships, or your spouse—maybe it’s time to stop and press that reset button.

Maybe it’s time to start Manifesting Magic in your everyday life ©

with expert Cathlene Miner! Turn your life around in 30 days…

Rags to Riches

Cathlene Miner did just that and learned how to live her best life. As a single, teen mom struggling to make ends meet, Cathlene worked exhaustingly cleaning houses and fitness coaching to support her family. Feeling Uninspired & Overwhelmed, Cathlene used that frustration to look within and embark on a powerful journey of healing and thriving from the inside out. 

Now heralded as #1 Best Selling Author of The 30 Day Self Perception Makeover!, Radio Show Host on WSOS 103.9 and 95.5 FM “Manifesting Magic,”TV Show Host of “Manifesting Magic in Your Everyday Life,”Self-Perception LifeCoach, Fitness Expert & Trainer, and she’s about to launch her second book that is a “Teen Edition,”Cathlene has undoubtedly turned her life around—as a wife, mother of 4, grandmother to 2, and entrepreneur living her best life—and giving back to others in need of a reset button in life.

Empower Your Purpose

Cathlene Miner applies 26 years of experience in the coaching, speaking, entrepreneurial, and fitness industries. She continues changing lives and organizations for the better by offering the tools to a Healthy Self-Perceptionthat will ignite a journey to everything desired with as little as one hour per week to catapult real change! 

The time is NOW to start living the life you truly desire!

* Manifest Health * Money * Relationships * Body Image * Weight Loss * and more! 

  • Use your subconscious mind as a path to better health and heal a negative body image. 
  • Stop endless comparison and caring what others say and think about us.
  • Attract the “perfect for you” relationships.
  • Have a lasting sense of motivation and self-confidence. 
  • Feel amazing in your body.
  • Rock that business and family life at the same time.

Giving Back

Cathlene deeply understands the value of a positive mindset, helping others, and coming from a situation of struggle. This is the ultimate Rags to Riches journey that she manifested on her own. 

That’s why her endeavor as President of nonprofit Hopefull Handbags Inc. may be one of the most rewarding. This important nonprofit initiative was started by Cathlene and has sincegrown rapidly, spreading hope to women who are getting back on their feet again from Domestic Violence, homelessness and other detrimental situations. 

“Spreading hope and awareness is my mission.” 

Her nonprofit organization enables women in shelters to get back on their feet again by donating once loved handbags and filling them with the necessities specific to each shelter. This nonprofit helps to propel these women to take inspired action and giving them hope as they are on their way to living the life that they desire.

Never Settle! 

From her time as a teen to an empowering entrepreneur and icon, Cathlene Miner continues her legacy of success with the same mantra…“Never Settle!”

Cathlene has much in store. Keep a look  out for the release of the 30 Day Self Perception Makeover 2nd Edition, and The 30 Day Self Perception Makeover Teen Edition, as well as my radio show Manifesting Magic in your everyday life

My mission is to educate people that they can be anything that they dream of if it soulfully fulfills them and it all starts with their Self Perception.

Cathlene Miner undoubtedly pays it forward and lives her best life with a positive mindset and empowering others to do the same. 

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