Chris Appleton Teases Wedding Day Detail Amid Lukas Gage Engagement


“I think just sort of looking at someone you always have your opinion like, ‘This would be really good on you,’ or, ‘That would look amazing with your eyes or bring out your features,'” he explained. “But it’s always a conversation because it’s not just about looking good. If you don’t feel good, it doesn’t really work. You know that connection and when the magic happens is not only when people look great, but really feel great as well.”

Amid his busy career, Chris also recognizes that making the best of life remains key.

“I’m all about fun,” he added. “I mean, you know, I worked really hard. And [work is] a big focus for me, it always has been my whole life. But I’m definitely, enjoying myself and taking some time to just enjoy life. And I think that’s really important as well. It’s good to have a balance.”

—Reporting by Amanda Champagne-Meadows 

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