Kindred, Stryer, and Chassi Deliver Emotive New Track “Counting the Days”


“Counting the Days” is the latest emotional offering from the talented trio of Stryer, Chassi, and Kindred. Released on the Rude Service label, the track speaks to the yearning of seeing someone special again after being apart for too long. The song’s lyrics and melody come together to create a soulful and passionate anthem that showcases Kindred’s exceptional vocal range.

Kindred, creates magic with her vocals, taking the song to a new level. She has a wealth of experience in the music industry, having performed at renowned events such as Echostage with Adventure Club and Lost Lands with Cyrus Gold. She started working on the song with just a piano and chords in her apartment in DTLA, where she could see
the stunning skyline. Her creative process is evident in the song’s emotive lyrics and captivating melody. Stryer and Chassi are no strangers to the music scene, having played at numerous venues and many major label releases. Their expertise in music production is evident in.

the smooth and polished sound of “Counting the Days”. The song’s build-up into the drop is stunning, taking the listener on an emotional journey that builds to a crescendo. “Counting the Days” is a standout track that is sure to win the hearts of electronic dance music fans. The song’s message and delivery are touching, and it is a testament to the power of collaboration between talented artists.

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