Offset Shares Gut-Wrenching Tribute to Takeoff


Quavo, the third member of Migos and Takeoff’s uncle—who was with him in Houston when he was killed—also took to social media to share his speech from the celebration.

“Dear Take,” he wrote. “It’s so hard to tell you Ima miss you because you always with me and we did everything together. Since we were kids you been by my side lookin up at me, them eyes waiting on me to make the next move…then you followed up right behind me. You always made sure I did it first so you can do it right with me. You never competed with me, we were always on same team.”

Quavo went on to speak about his close bond with his nephew writing, ”This whole time I’ve been trying to figure out what you really are to me because nephew wasn’t it. We hated that word ‘nephew’ or when they said ‘Unc and Phew’ cuz we always knew we were way closer than that and it made me feel old too.”

He continued. “But I knew you weren’t my brother cuz you are my sister’s son, so I couldn’t say brother. Now I finally get it… you are OUR angel watching me and watching us this whole time in living form making sure EVERYONE FELT UR LOVE AND HUGS while u were here and u made our dreams come true.”

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