P-Valley Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Jackson


It’s not easy being a mother.

That was the message that shined throughout P-Valley Season 2 Episode 7.

Providing their perspectives on motherhood were Mercedes, Autumn, Keyshawn, and even Uncle Clifford, in her own way.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that Clifford is coming to a crossroads as she anticipates two significant losses in her life.

The first loss looks to be Grandmother Ernestine, whom Covid appears close to claiming.

The opening scene showing Ernestine in her prime was great, as we saw young Clifford was a regular at Ernestine’s Juke Joint, the previous incarnation of The Pynk.

At some point, not yet touched upon, Beulah, Clifford’s mother and Ernestine’s daughter, died, and Ernestine became Clifford’s surrogate mother.

Only now have their roles reversed, with Clifford caring for the diabetic Ernestine. Coronavirus has made the immuno-compromised woman’s need even more significant.

So it was good that Lil Murda was staying with Clifford while processing Big Teak’s suicide.

Murda was more than willing to keep himself distracted by helping to care for Ernestine. Also, viewers saw the tender side of the often tough-posing rapper.

Unfortunately, it did seem that Ernestine was circling the drain, especially when she wandered off seeking out the Mississippi. They caught her in time, but her condition was getting worse by the hour.

Ernestine was convinced that she would see Beulah again soon, and Clifford also seemed to feel that way.

Since Clifford was emotionally fragile after Ernestine was carted away by ambulance, it was little surprise that she let down and allowed Murda in. After all, he was the only one who had been there for her lately.

It’s great that the pair comforted each other during a difficult time for both of them. But where do they go from here?

Murda will likely stay firmly ensconced in the closet to protect his growing rap career. But no one is more out than Clifford. That difference in philosophies promises to cause a clash between them.

Speaking of clashes, how about Mercedes and Terrika’s road trip to Jackson?

Mercedes set the wrong tone right off the bat by promising Terrika frozen yogurt but taking her to a women’s health clinic instead. Being hassled by abortion protestors was a terrible bait-and-switch.

It was evident how conflicted Mercedes was about Terrika’s pregnancy. If anyone could speak to how getting pregnant too young can affect a person’s life, it’s Mercedes. But she couldn’t come out and tell Terrika,” Giving birth to you ruined my life.”

Throughout the journey, Mercedes was haunted by the ghost of Patrice, who had forced her to keep her child. 

She wanted to be that open-minded mother who would support her child whatever her choice. But based on her experiences over the past 14 years, she couldn’t come up with many happy scenarios for a teen mom.

In the end, Mercedes did as promised, giving Terrika the car keys and inviting her to drive to Jackson for an abortion or back to Chucalissa to keep the baby. After watching her mother’s example, Terrika made the right call.

Now, will Mercedes and Terrika be able to have more of a mother-daughter relationship while Shelle halfheartedly attempts to overcome her alcohol addiction?

On another front, what will Mercedes do for work now that being a high-end prostitute didn’t pan out? Is her shoulder healed enough that she can go back to dancing if The Pynk ever reopens?

Uncle Clifford and Autumn continued their debate over the value of The Pynk, although the heat between them had gone down somewhat. Both of their positions are driven by emotion.

Clifford grew up in that building, so it has an absurd amount of sentimental value to her. Autumn correctly pointed out that the club could relocate, especially if they have $10 million to shop with for a replacement building.

What didn’t make so much sense was Autumn’s argument that she would be betraying her late daughter if she didn’t maximize the return on the money that she stole from Montavious since her daughter died when they were attempting to escape from him.

As Clifford cruelly pointed out, “She dead now.” Autumn’s daughter is beyond caring about such things.

Clifford’s life will soon reach a turning point. Having more than $3 million to work with certainly would help her sculpt a new direction.

But while Autumn appears mercenary regarding her real-estate investment, she still has a soft spot in her heart for people she cares about.

Previously, she tried to take the workload off her former housemate Mercedes, who frankly was ungrateful about that effort.

Autumn’s current social project is attempting to get Keyshawn out of her abusive relationship with Derrick since Autumn finally succeeded in escaping such a situation.

Autumn gave Keyshawn her gun, which Keyshawn couldn’t bring herself to use on Derrick on P-Valley Season 2 Episode 6.

After seeing Keyshawn’s battered face at the store, Autumn brought her a gift, a burner phone with her number programmed into it. But what will it take to get Keyshawn to make the step to leave?

To revisit Ernestine’s role in Clifford’s life, watch P-Valley online

Will Ernestine return home?

What did you think about how Terrika’s pregnancy was handled?

What do you think of Autumn?

Comment below.

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