Why Dove Cameron’s Latest Tour Was Unlike Any of Her Past Performances


“It’s really, really hard to be an artist and only want to do one thing,” she said. “If you’re an artist, you want to be creative in every possible way and surely there’s nothing stopping anybody these days, so definitely hone every craft that you’re interested in, pursue everything that calls to you, but never ever, ever let somebody tell you that you can only do one thing.” 

In the midst of writing new music and preparing for acting projects, including the live action Powerpuff Girls series and movie Good Mourning With U, Dove offered E! News an exclusive look at her latest shows.

“I hope people are left with a feeling of empowerment,” she explained. “I hope you feel like the main character for an hour or so and I hope you feel more connected to yourself because really that’s literally all the matters in this life is that we are connected to ourselves, our higher selves and our sense of being alive. We feel reinvigorated and ready to go back out in the world for more adventures.”

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