Dawn Publishing introduces Alpha: Saving Humanity One Vagina at A Time, book four in The Sacral Series, a series of real life stories written as fiction to protect identities.


London, UK – Dawn Publishing has just published another cutting edge book by international bestselling author and founder of Dawn Bates International, Dawn Bates. This is the eight book authored solely by Bates, all of which are ground breaking books highlighting an array of social justice issues. Bates takes her readers through the journey of an Angolan woman who was subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM), domestic violence and tells how Alpha’s pastor husband sold their daughter into sex slavery. Most importantly, Bates details how Alpha pulled herself out of this living nightmare, developing a global movement to raise awareness of the impact of FGM on women around the world. 

Alpha: Saving Humanity One Vagina at A Time, is internationally available as of 11th August, and has already been recognised for its outstanding writing and entered into Amazon’s Storytelling Competition which ends on the 31stAugust. Bates is publishing this story, and the others in The Sacral Series in the hopes that these nine true stories shared with her over the years will inspire others to know that there is life after trauma and seek alternative healing modalities, rather than rely on Big Pharma for medicating and numbing the pains of trauma and abuse. 

Sharing the dark side of society, Bates hopes that the incredibly inspiring journey’s portrayed in The Sacral Series will bring about understanding and action, as well as create honest conversations within the various communities around the world. Alpha: Saving Humanity One Vagina at a Time is a contribution to women the world over. This is not just an Angolan, African or religious problem, this is a female problem and it takes both men and women to bring about the much needed change in cultural and religious understanding. This is not a book about blaming or shaming cultures and communities, nor is it some book on feeling sorry for the main character. This book is about personal determination, social change and living a successful life after trauma. It may be one woman´s story, but as is the case with all books written by Dawn Bates, this is the story of many. Bates says, “Being trusted with this story, and the other stories within the series brings with it a certain level of pressure and responsibility to make sure I honour not only the individual, but also the subject matter at hand. Protecting the identity of the nine by giving them a new ethnicity or nationality where the same social injustice happens has been an incredible journey for me as a writer”. 

In addition to educating and highlighting global social justice issues through her writing, Bates is also working with highly successful and influential individuals who wish to author a book to expand their brand and give a voice to the voiceless, creating social change in the process. Bates says, “It is no longer enough to have reached a level of success in our chosen careers or industries. It is what we do with that success that really truly matters. The world is in need of real influencers, ones who are dedicated to making the world a better place by shining a light on the darkness and transforming the corporate world, education, journalism, healthcare and policing. People willing to take a stand for the truth and become heart centred purpose driven authorities, rather than the egotistical and corrupt authorities we are seeing at the moment”. To order your copy of Alpha: Saving Humanity One Vagina at a Time visit https://dawnbates.com/alpha/

About Dawn Bates International: 
Dawn Bates International works with high-level thought leaders on expanding their brand, developing their business and vision, and delivering high-quality publishing services which makes a positive and powerful difference in the world.

Lead Author Coach and Strategist, Dawn Bates has twenty-plus years of entrepreneurial experience, coaching individuals and teams, working in the UK, Europe, Australasia, and the Middle East. With clients spanning five continents, Bates has created an entirely location-free ‘author’s life,’ which has leveraged her life and her brand whilst leading others to live life to the fullest. Bates specializes in developing brand expansion, step-change strategies, and global vision. When she’s not sailing on wild adventures around the world or writing a book in seven days, she’s leading others to create exceptional results by igniting the passion deep within. Discover more about Dawn’s work by visiting: www.dawnbates.com and for those who want to elevate and expand their brand, giving a voice to the voiceless, whilst writing and publishing a book with Dawn Bates, visit https://dawnbates.com/authoritymasterminds to find out about the 7 Month Authority MasterMind starting in September for eleven carefully selected game changers.

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