Oolacile’s Future Riddim Label Halcyon Drops Debut Compilation With SVDDEN DEATH, Leotrix, & More


Future riddim… what is it? Well, as a fairly newly-prescribed genre, we’re going to have to listen to find out. New label Halcyon, spearheaded by Oolacile, is pushing the new sound and just dropped their debut compilation with SVDDEN DEATH, Voltra, Oolacile himself, Leotrix, Akeos & l7, phonon, Cripplingg, and BVSSIC.

As it appears from the tracks on the compilation, future riddim is characterized by typical riddim sounds with a much heavier emphasis on melody, progression, and some experimental synth work. “Instance” by Voltra is a prime example — without the “future riddim” moniker, one would find it a bit hard to classify its genre.

Still, Halcyon says they’re focusing on future riddim, not limiting themselves exclusively to the genre. A smart move, considering no one is really making it right now… or maybe they are and we’re about to have a whole lot to listen to.

Either way, you can listen below!

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