Genocide, Time Travel and A Biochemical Virus Interact in “Phoenix: Field Of Mars” By Jackie Anders


Twenty-eight-year-old Kyla Marshall has desires of advancing her career in public relations at all costs…until she ends up stumbling in on a special ops mission that takes her from her client’s lab in the year 2017 to AD 8 ancient Rome.

After learning her new reality, she discovers that the team’s mission is to stop a biochemical scientist from unleashing a deadly virus on the unsuspecting first-century people in order to change history.

As Kyla encounters hostility and strife on her journey, she is surprisingly protected by the team’s leader, Capt. Christopher Eriksen. Even though Eriksen has many internal struggles from what he’s seen and done, he inspires her to trust in something bigger than herself.

But as Kyla and the team race to stop the impending genocide, Kyla’s biggest fear is no longer the known threat. It is the not knowing if she will ever be able to get back home.

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