Big Brother Spoilers: Did Christie Escape the Block?


Christie made her way to the block for the first time during Sunday’s episode of Big Brother. 

It was all thanks to America’s Field Trip, so it put her at risk of going home.

The veto competition has already been played, and the results have been revealed. 

Tommy, Cliff, Kat, Christie, Michie, and Nick played for veto. It was the OTEV competition. 

Going into the competition, Nick and Tommy already confirmed they would be taking Christie off the block if they won the competition. 

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Nick has been playing both sides for a while now, but every since Tommy won HOH, he’s been going above and beyond to hang out with him, Christie, and Analyse. 

It’s possible that Nick could have thrown the competition because he knows he’s good with Tommy regardless. 

In any case, Tommy won the competition, and stuck to his plan to take Christie off the block. It was no surprise given that they knew each other prior to entering the house. 

That means Kat and Cliff are the week’s final nominations, rendering another Big Brother twist a dud. 

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Kat and Cliff are two fan-favorites, so losing one of them is not going to go down well with viewers. 

Holly and Jackson vowed to vote Christie out of the game if they got the chance, but now they may have to vote Kat out instead. 

It quickly emerged that Tommy wanted Kat out of the game because of how closely aligned with everyone she was. 

It’s not a bad move, but it seems like Kat is the person who will be going to jury on Thursday night … assuming the votes shake out the right way. 

Holly and Jackson have been working on other houseguests to keep Kat, but the only way they will be able to keep her is if Cliff blows up his own game. 

He might just do that if he continues to put the pieces of the puzzle together that Tommy and Christie knew each other before entering the house. 

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If Cliff succesfully manages to make everyone aware of it, then there’s a chance they will become the biggest targets in the game. 

What are your thoughts on all the latest action?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Wednesday at 8/7c. 

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