Days of Our Lives Round Table: Choose Your Fave Couple in the History of Salem?


Rex decided to ditch Salem, everyone wanted to be CEO of Dimera, Eric and Sarah jumped into bed, and Hope looked into Ted’s murder.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Tghca from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate who should leave Salem, the CEO for Dimera Enterprises, Hope and Rafe’s future, and their favorite couple in the history of Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Rex is leaving town. If you got to choose, who would leave Salem? Rex, Sarah, or Eric?

Jack: This is a hard one, as none of these three are likable! Rex added little to the show but I enjoyed his interactions with Chloe and would have liked to have seen them get together.

Eric is so whiney and mopey. If he was restored to his proper character and was in a storyline about being a mentor to young people I would enjoy that but as is, I wouldn’t miss him if he went.

The only reason for Sarah not to leave town is I like her interactions with Xander.

Tghca: I would have Sarah leave town because at least that way she would not be coming between two brothers and Rex and Eric could salvage their relationship. However, I can’t see that brotherly relationship being repaired anytime soon even with Rex leaving town.

The only way that it gets repaired is with time and distance and also if Rex gets back together with Mimi, his daughter’s mother.

Christine: Can they all leave? Oddly enough, I like Rex best. I’ve enjoyed his interactions with Chloe, especially this one…

Rex: Is this the part where I’m supposed to say I hope that they end up happy together?
Chloe: But you really wish both of them would get hit by a train.

I also like Rex when he’s with Roman and Kate whereas Eric has become a grumpy bore that Mommy Marlena seems to dote on.

Maybe if the real Nicole turns up he’ll be more interesting but I don’t have high hopes. And Sarah is a selfish, immature brat most of the time. So let’s keep Rex and send Sarah and Eric out of Salem. 

Who do you think will make the best CEO of Dimera Enterprises and why? Gabi, Stefan, Kristen/Nicole, Tony, Chad, or someone else?

Jack: I vote for someone else. Gabi is in way over her head while Stefan is followed by scandal, Kristen is pure evil, Tony has no interest, and Chad is not on canvas.

The only CEO takeover story I enjoyed in recent years was when Kate and Sami gave it a try. If Kate joined Gabi as co-CEO that might be fun.

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Tghca: For me, the best CEO for the DiMera Enterprises job would be EJ. Why? When he was running things DiMera was not only stable but it was flourishing financially.

Not to mention out of all the DiMera children, EJ was the most experienced at business and he learned directly from the master’s knee, that being his father Stefano. Plus EJ is the golden child. What other more reasons can there be? 

Christine: I’d love to see Gabi do well. She’s a nice combination of smart, tenacious and occasionally ruthless. It could be fun seeing her as the mistress of the Dimera mansion. Given the chance, she might just do Stefano proud.

Hope and Rafe have been spending time together talking about Ted’s murder. Do you think there’s a chance they’ll get back together? Do you want them to?

Jack: It was obvious that’s where they were going from their conversation on Friday. I wish they wouldn’t. Hope should take a minute to grieve over Ted before jumping into her next relationship and whenever she and Rafe are together both characters become obnoxious and unlikeable.

I think it would be a far more interesting story if Rafe suspected Hope of killing Ted and was working against her.

Tghca: I think that. yes. There is a possibility of Hope and Rafe getting back together but do I want them to? Hell no, because they were boring as hell together and whatever chemistry they have or had is just not there. They work better as friends and colleagues.

Christine: Oh please, no! They were one of the most boring couples Salem has ever seen. They can be colleagues or even friends, but I wish they’d stay far away from one another for quite a while.

Who is the most entertaining character in Salem right now?

Jack: I have two! Tony and Xander. I hope these two cross paths sometime soon. They are both witty and charming and straddle the line between good and evil (though Tony was more or less dragged into being a semi-bad guy by Kristen).

Add in some one-liners from Victor too and it would be an amazing scene!

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Tghca: Most entertaining character for me in Salem right now is definitely Xander Cook Kiriakis and it is not even close. Xander with his one-liners is funny as hell.

Christine: Xander! He is so much fun and can go from ruthless to vulnerable like no one else. Plus, he actually has a sense of humor and not many people in Salem do.

In all of Days of Our Lives history, who has been your favorite couple?

Jack: Jack and Jennifer are my favorite all-time couple, not counting this current incarnation. I grew up watching them and when I was little I wanted to be a journalist like Jennifer and loved it when Jack was goofy.

JJ and Paige could have been the next generation of Jack and Jennifer, as JJ had inherited his father’s stubbornness, desire to do the right thing, and overdone sense of guilt, shame, and self-hatred, while Paige had a similar combination of sweetness and judgmentalism to Jennifer, yet had the ability to balance JJ’s impulsiveness with patience and understanding.

I have not forgiven the show yet for killing Paige off and sticking JJ with a bunch of women he didn’t belong with instead.

Tghca: Favorite all time couple in Days of our Lives history is Shawn and Belle

Christine: I always loved Jack and Jennifer. They were a great combination of smart and sweet and I’d love to see them get back to that.

Runner up: Hope and Bo. They had fantastic chemistry, always had one another’s backs, and just seemed to fit perfectly together. I really do miss them.

If you could have told off one character in Salem this week, who would it have been?

Jack: First of all, the dead guy could have remained among the living if he’d used some sense. Grabbing the gun was STUPID. All he had to do was run away and tell someone what he knew. In fact, if Ted had told Hope he would have got back in her good graces. Instead, he got himself killed.

And Stefan, when you come across a dead person who was killed by someone else, the thing to do is NOT run all over the crime scene touching things and then pick up the murder weapon just as the cops arrive!

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Tghca: I would have loved to tell off Eric because he comes off as being a good guy when he’s nothing but a damn hypocrite. Eric sleeps with Sarah knowing she was married to his brother of all people but that didn’t stop him from sleeping with Nicole when she was with his other brother Brady.

Christine: Sarah and Eric. Sarah was married! Sarah didn’t even wait 24-hours after he fight with Rex to jump into bed with Eric, and Eric didn’t hesitate to have sex with his brother’s wife.

And then Eric has the nerve to give her father grief when he’s upset! He should be ashamed of himself.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: I enjoyed what little we saw of Jack and his desire to prove he is not a slimy politician while keeping Jennifer at arms’ length. Xander’s conversation with Maggie was also entertaining, and I couldn’t stop laughing at Tony and Kate, especially this Days of Our Lives quote

Tony: What’s wrong?
Kate: I just woke up to see the back-from-the-dead doppelganger of my still-dead husband sleeping near me.

Tghca: My favorite storyline this week definitely would be Tony DiMera returning back from the dead especially given how long Tony has been dead and now that he’s back you can have him become the DiMera family patriarch.

Christine: Xander and Maggie had the best conversation of the week and I love that they shared ice cream…

Maggie: I’m sorry that Sarah didn’t return your feelings.
Xander: Everyone else thinks I’m a terrible person.
Maggie: I think you’ve done terrible things. But there’s good in you. And someday you will find a woman who is right for you.

I also liked where Kristen said Ted was going to die from an accident while holding her gun and Tony telling her, “What kind of accident are we talking about, an accident where she falls on the bullets?”

It’s your turn TV Fanatics! Who is your favorite couple in the history of Salem?

Want to chat more about the happenings in Salem? Then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review about who is caught in a tangle web here at TV Fanatic.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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