Blake Horstmann Shares Texts From Caelynn Miller-Keyes as Hookup Drama Consumes Bachelor in Paradise


Blake Horstmann is pulling out the receipts.

In anticipation of tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Blake is sharing the salacious texts that he and Caelynn Miller-Keyes exchanged ahead of entering paradise. He asserts in his foreboding Instagram post, “I understand that I will probably get a lot of backlash for posting these personal texts messages in my stories but unfortunately this is the only way to have a voice, since I very much feel backed into a corner.”

These drastic measures are largely due to events that took place weeks before the singles would enter paradise. As it was explained on the premiere of BiP, Caelynn and Blake hooked up at Stagecoach in April. However, Blake also hooked up with Kristina Schulman. He also mingled with Tayshia Adams at the music festival, but, luckily, she remains pleasantly removed from the drama at the moment. Hannah Godwin is later dragged into the mix, but that only comes to light on the premiere when Blake admits he has his sights set on her.

Fast forward many weeks after post-Stagecoach and the love pentagon/triangle/square (?) comes together. Upon entering the villa, Caelynn immediately tells Chris Harrisonall about her fling with Blake and accuses him of ghosting her. 

But while Caelynn was quick to spill the beans to Chris, she didn’t tell the other women in the villa, because she claimed that he swore her to secrecy. This is where the texts come in. It appears that Blake is refuting these claims and using their own conversations as evidence. 

In the screenshots, it seems that Caelynn and Blake schedule time for a late night rendezvous, although Blake insists, “We can cuddle but no sex lol.” She retorts, “If I come over it’s strictly for sex. Nothing more nothing less.” 

Clearly, they slept together that night. 

Later in the messages, Caelynn and Blake discuss an unspecified event that seems to trigger worry for both of them. At one point, Blake admits that this is making him consider quitting this season of BiP

While the alleged conversations paint a picture of what unfolded leading up to their time in Mexico, there are many gaps in the story. For one, it seems that Caelynn and Blake talk on the phone multiple times, which could’ve been when Blake allegedly told her not to tell anyone. There’s also the mystery of why they are both freaking out about people learning they slept together.

Either way, Caelynn said on the show that she is not upset that Blake didn’t pursue a relationship. She said that she is upset he made her feel like she his dirty little secret. 

Understandably, all parties involved, especially the women, seem to be unsure of what to believe. Hannah and Tayshia admittedly are weary of getting involved with Blake, who is portrayed as a womanizer of sorts. And by the end of episode 2, Kristina is entirely over the situation, while Caelynn is kissing Cam Ayala. All in all, Blake looks like the only one who is truly panicking over the debacle.

This is probably why Blake still feels the need to defend his honor via screenshots, because, as he puts it, “My name is all I really have.” 

He shares, contrary to Caelynn’s statements, “I NEVER ‘sweet talked’ her at Stagecoach. Caelynn and I were NEVER in a relationship. I NEVER ghosted Caelynn, I NEVER called her a mistake and I absolutely NEVER EVER EVER silenced Caelynn.” 

After releasing this barrage of information on his Instagram followers he states that he is “not trying to attack Caelynn.” 

No doubt, the drama will continue on next week’s episodes of BiP

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