Guru in India Claims He Can Cure HIV & Autism

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Some locals who have witnessed some of his miracles claim he is this generation’s Messiah 

Guru Yogi Mohan Healer, Doctor, and Author of “Teachings of the Masters “practices the ancient art of healing, restoring and rejuvenating the body of all diseases, to include: Autism, Retardation, Seizures—and the newest claim—AIDS. 

International correspondent of I Connect You Today explored this topic and clain, in-depth with Guru Yogi Mohan to learn more about his practices and treatment.

Can you cure any disease, and how?

Yes, I balance the wellness of the body by organizing its spiritual and biological well-
being—disease, disabilities and deformities.  

Are there any diseases or mental illnesses that you cannot heal?
In many ways, our body is always alerted with cancers. As I told you, there is an
invisible vacuum space that does not communicate with biological and neurological
areas effectively. When the biological body is suspended from the neurological body,
the oxygenation and other circulations will be limited, and invisible energy will blocked
there. This becomes anoxia and later hypoxia—the cause of cancers. A well-organized
body has no damage—and will cure itself naturally overnight—without the need for external substances or treatment for the body.  

How can you cure AIDS? 

A few years ago, one of my friends requested to bring his brother-in-law to meet me, without any mention of his problems. He only mentioned that he was feeling very tired and not able to walk for 10 minutes continually. While he was trying to talk me about many things, his speech waslimited. I then understood that he was completely damaged with body and mind. Hisskin showed wrinkles with brown and black tone in the face and other parts of the body. Unbeknownst to me, he had been an HIV patient for a long time and had been undergoing treatment for eight years. Instead, he presented his problems as tiredness, depression, anxiety and developing dark circles on his skinand requested healing. I gave him a session for 30 minutes, for forty-five days.

In a few days, less than a week, he had gained health like a normal man by appearance, and his complexion also changed with healthy-looking skin as well. Upon completion of 14 days, he started to travel locally using the public transport system. 

It wasn’t until after 28 days that my friend personally told me that he is an HIV patient for many years. In 40 days, he showed me a laboratory report with before and after results of his CD4 and CD8 levels with drastic improvements.

Although I felt disappointed that my friend lied to me about his real problem, I continued  sessions two more weeks. Now he is like other fellow beings and free from HIV. This was the first incident that made me understand that HIV can be curable without any medicine. Technically it is a recreation of the ability of the organ-like normalizing human disabilities that I am doing for many years. The same approaches are practically workable with all incurable disease and disabilities.

I understand how to treat the body by observing the feelings of the patients through their behavior changes, like an infant—and people appreciate my approach because they do not involve medicine. Many patients, confidentially coming to meet me through the old patients. Now I have treated many patients in the last 7 years. All I promise is I can give full health and generate life for a long time.

Now I have a promise to the world community to demonstrate that there is substantial evidence about the cause for HIV and rare disease. This new approach can create an effective cure.

Where can we see proof?

My methodology is seeing and believing only. One can experience it through their body and mind. Specifically, I maintain the privacy of every patient, and that is why it was unknown until this interview. In a period of fewer than 10 days, a patient will experience significant change, starting from the first day itself.  Since HIV is a disability condition for some organs, upon normalizing the disability, the patient will resume a healthy life.

What are some basic things people can do to help restore their health and/or chakras? 

Health is very important and truly connected with knowledge. Many sciences are behind the sustainability of health. The human body is organized like that because there are many kinds of metabolism. 

The first form of metabolism derives from the discharge of Human Pheromones. Based on the thought process of a human being, a corresponding chemical (chemical pheromones) discharges from the body through the pores (sweat holes). Most of the pheromones discharged are toxins and mood-changing chemicals for a third person. The degree of negative thought (jealousy and greed) is discharged in pheromones. Ancient masters are restricted in only practicing spirituality and kind-heartedness.

Chakras are not managed by the Self—they are byproducts of thought process and action and are associated with many energies also. Energies are classified in many forms, depending on factors in a human body. Upon understanding the structure of the body, one can easily organize by themselves. Each person contains unique algorithms that the body constitutes.There are regulations and laws based on the intensity of the substance of the body.

Do you believe cancer and other diseases develop from blocked energy and/or negative energy? Do you believe it also correlates with how the individuals mother was feeling while pregnant with the child?

The body has many layers and classifications. Biologically, the physiological body is a bio-mass that structurally has no divinity. It is a mechanism to pull emotionally when and where required. After birth and the first cry, while in-taking the air through oxygen, the body is establishing a relation to nature. From this end, one is starting to accept visible and non-visible energies. Most of the energies are non-visual—like air, smell, sound etc.—but when one is conscious about all of those things, he/she can keep a safe distance from negative and positive energies without classifications. Knowing about the classified energies around us, help us to organize them as well.

A mother, during pregnancy, is the logistic manager in dispensing the necessary substances to the baby, inside, technically speaking. The relationship between the mother and baby is connected with emotion, and that creates emotional attachment to the baby from the mother. 

There is also a protective hormone (pheromones) discharging from the mother’s body to save the child from external negatives in all forms. In most of the cases, the mother is not able to analyze or experience the negatives around her. However, the mother also serves as a conductor to distance anything fully or partially to the baby inside. Whatever affects the mother, will also affect the baby—and in the case of sound toxins, that affects 4x more than the mother, because the baby is living in water, and sound travels in water 4x faster than air.

 More people are beginning to understand that we are all vibrational beings and are creators in our Life. How can we all manifest healing in our own lives? Is there a chant, prayer, or song that you suggest?

Knowledge is the key for anything—completes knowledge—like joining two different
particles together. A sperm and an egg are two living organisms. Independently each
has no soul. The union of an egg and sperm is creating the third energy—also known as
the soul. The soul is creating the relationship—togetherness—that results in the birth of
a being. These are the invisible particles—the universal one that exists everywhere. It
can be joined anytime where the carrying of biological mass is good for carrying it—and
when it is not good for carrying it, can also be separated into its original form.

Living healthy means that we have to maintain our body to be sustainable to
accommodate the soul energy. Consciousness plays an integral role in this topic. There
are thousands of classifications in consciousness. Consciousness in everything—taste,
smell, sounds, etc.—when one understands the conscious point, the individual can be
well and good.

Can Stress really be the force of diseases?

I believe that HIV is not caused by stress. It is an acquired condition that develops over time, whether acquired sexually or in some other ways. The understanding of the HIV condition occurs when one is aware of their problems after experiencing symptoms of the disease and by a laboratory report. If stress is the factor, then it should develop only after that. But it seems like it remains silent in the body, so, it may not be by stress. 

For instance, I recognized MS, few kinds of cancers, and other diseased are by the same underlain factors. HIV is like other kinds of disabilities like retardation (both mental and physical), GDD and other disabilities that originatefrom problems with the endocrine systems and regulating the productions of amino acids and proteins (by increasing or decreasing). All those are the factors of all rare disease that create a state of disability and HIV. It is my practical opinion based on my experience in normalizing all  of those problems.

What is the proper nutritional diet you suggest? 

I always suggest natural food only in a different format. The vegetable can be used well as mixed vegetable soup or in the form of “Sambar,”an Indian cushion. The Sambar is a good format to accept in the body as food that does not need the addition of any supplements. The body will not accept direct and alternative supplements in a digestive form in the normal course of a disabled body.

For beginners, who may or may not know how to meditate? What is the best way to start?
As previously mentioned, the 3 classifications of the body are the Biological Body,
Neurological Body, and Invisible Particles. The Neurological Body can misguide the
Biological Body by spreading many hormones (pheromones) that act to do many
activities. Major activities can sometimes cause damage to the biological body.
Meditation is a process that can change the action of the Neurological Body and
Biological Body.

The simple practice of meditation enables the Biological and Neurological Body to spin
together and release a shell of emotions to clear a path for the Spiritual space (invisible
energies) that will rule the body in better way. Yoga means “join together.”The
togetherness of both the emotional body and biological body is a catalyst for all
proceeding thought process that creates balanced energy and better health.
Understanding the theory and physics in meditation is the easiest way to handle it.

How does someone come to meet with you to cure themselves or a loved

First of all, the actual problem can be different from his/her understanding about it. But
in the first few minutes with me, they will feel changes. I view everyone like an infant
and loved one. I see the body and invisible body as different. In most cases, the
problem typically involves the invisible particles. 

If it is a serious problem, the time for
biological cell division is applicable—it can be multiplications of the 21 days—that
involves a type of broken particle re-establishment and regularizing. Results occur in
few days. All of the cures happen on their own, as I do not dispense any medicine, but
we do have medical centers who need to use it. Every being is the child of God and
we must keep a brotherhood in each other.

What are your promise and the possibilities?

I am well literate in modern science and expertise in ancient theory and practice, and I have developed a well-demonstrated theory for HIV and MS explainable through modern science.

For thirty years, I have been practicing treatments with disabilities and GDD in children—with proven results in less than three months. As I mentioned, HIV and MS are a specific kinds of disability that limit the normal function of the body. 

I can teach mankind the cure so that—I hope—within a few years we can make an HIV free world.

How do people get in contact with you? 
Anyone can schedule or request an appointment through my website or email. Phone
calls are not recommended because I am not able to attend the phone all of the time.

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