“Teachings of the Masters” — Guru Yogi Mohan


About Healer & Guru Yogi Mohan

Guru Yogi Mohan studies and practices the philosophies of invisible energy, separation of energy, mass, dark energies, invisible particles, and much more. Clients travel hundreds of thousands of miles to his center where his healing has been heralded to cure many terminal diseases and illnesses. Through his spiritual approach, physics, and Ayurvedic processes and unique technologies, he reverses, heals, and activates the bodies ability to cleanse and renew the system.

What can you get from this book?  

Today, society is suffering from many kinds of problems and ailments. Medical science has manylimitations in their approach to cure rare diseases, conditionsand disabilities of which there are more than 1,000. Society is going forward without a proper plan. In any case, incurable, rare disease and disabilities are the major problems across the human microcosm. This book offers technical insight and the story behind innovations of ancient masters who discuss human issues and their solutions. 

This book offers a wide range of information, techniques, and wisdom dating back to ancient ages by learned Masters used to change the human body and mind. Readers will acquire actual knowledge for survival from all such disease and disorders. 

If available science and technologies are error-free, why are modern technologies innovations not able to cure and care for all such kind of problems?

This book describes how individuals can keep their body and mind in a perfect condition until a mature death. One can decide about his/her life span as per own wish and can live for a long time by reducing age. Many hundreds of explanations and case studies are discussed throughout this book—they are collections of rare knowledge that never appear in mainstream study and research among the modern world. Physics failed to prove many things by the action of observer effect, a theory of physics. 

There are ample comparisons with modern physics about all such situations described in this book. A reader will get all this knowledge unconditionally and all those knowledges are practically tested and verified.

Other topics explored in this book include: 

  • Power of thinking – how to rule a thought. 
  • Amplification of mind through a thought. 
  • Body-mind -relation -control and management. 
  • Principle guidelines for limitation and expansion of thought. How one can regulate the energy through a thought process.

Achieving enlightenment sounds like you have to sit for hours and give up everything as Buddha did. Is this something that can be done in today’s world? 

A learned Master is able to simplify anything. During the Buddha period, they spent time to create an understanding for the meaning of consciousness and enlightenment. Although communication was previously a limitation, modern times enables people to  practice with the support of a laptop without spending more time. After learning what to do and practice, it can be achieved in a few days.

Can anyone achieve the state of Nirvana? Or is it for the ones that can be still, patient and calm? 

Nirvana can be achieved after understanding and practicing it step by step. Actually, there are hundreds of “excitements”and Nirvana. Excitements are based on the intensity of the substance in body and mind, such as good food, and getting through the experience only. It is based on 17 attributes of experience—color, taste, smell, touch, numbers, measures, separateness, conjunction, disjunction, priority, posteriority, understandings, pleasure, pain, desire, aversion, and volitions. Any attributes singly or jointly create consciousness or Nirvana. It teaches in a practical way how to attain by body and mind. Now, there are easy ways for readers to learn through the effective teaching techniques.

What steps can you take to help stop aging and feel good? 

The first chapter offer an in-depth understanding about how aging can be controlled and or reduced in a regular interval using any of the techniques described in this book. There are many numbers of the formula for that.

How can I learn if I am on the right path? 

Every reader can unconditionally learn that in this book. Since I am the last person, who understands from the Masters of the tradition, it is my duty to open this open my understanding to the world. In this world there are two types of truths.

Will this also help with parenting and/or being a better spouse, friend, and/or family member? 

One can be an ideal personality for society, home, and friends. A perfect person has no hidden agendas—based on the ethics—one will forget to think emotionally. Relationships are the responsibility of everyone and all those responsibilities are culture. This book reveals the universal truth of power and energies. Energy and spirit have strong relationships to the body that is described as invisible particles in modern physics—and awareness of relationships to nature. One can travel anywhere in the universe including another galaxy in real-time without any travel hindrance by using the same energy pattern. The neutrino and particle relationship with nature are the real-time response that is connecting every being together. All these are the Yogic way.

Who are these Masters and what have they done to be called masters? 

There is a parallel force across the universe with many zodiacs and millions of stars. The human body has two states of life. One is the prepartum period and another is the postpartum period. During prepartum, the pregnancy stage, the fetus is developing like a vegetable. In the process of delivery, the fetus comes out from the mother’s womb, and the process of birth is happening. Up to this stage, it is like a vegetable or feels like a body with no intelligence. Upon the first cry, it is dividing into two entities—the biological body and invisible body. The teachings of the Masters are the recognition of the energies that can be linked with anything. This invisible body is linked with universal energy too. This creates a mind. The mind is a hidden mechanism and a real invisible body. 

A Master is a person with significant awareness about unseen energies and its actions. Such a person can see, experience, understand, and define correctly—and travel back to real-time through the invisible energy and particles. No energy is wiped out and destroyed, it exists in another form. A Master can travel back to thousands of years and can experience from the past centuries or a particular thing. A Master is a person who can understand reality by going back by the mind. Such masters can describe the experiences with it. In this book, I am presenting that with ample corresponding evidence. This book opens a clear pathos understanding based on the current knowledge base of the world and understanding about the ancient ways.

Can you provide some insight about what readers can expect in the first few chapters of your book?

In this book, I describe many methodologies to solve all human problems effectively. I am describing, after successful trials, about the ancient formulas for the well-being of man. In the first chapter,I am dealing with Kayakalpa terminology. It is a knowledge during 4600BCE. During this time, the main limitations were the lack of maturity, literature, and language available to educate and gain awareness. 

The premature man met his livelihood through agricultural practice and hunting. The human life span was very short, below 33 years, during this period for many reasons. The ancient masters understand the cause of death and short life span. 

The uncivilized man, during this period, sought out ways to extend human life span for many years through the masters—later known as Kaya-kalpa—not meant with any medicine, nor for any kind of intaking technologies as medicine. The solution like Kayakalpa is at a premature age, and it is only one remedy for curing a body to wellness, and no alternative. It is an organized life in a classified cave. 

Now, adopting the ancient wisdom into modern life and living situations yields satisfactory results in a ew days. The science and technicalities of the caves are defined, and there is a list of do’s and do not do. This do and do not do list are important in this technology. There is another definition for the human body, that is, how we have to see the body of a human. It is describing the complete practice of Kayakalpa and how it can organize with technicalities and actions of different lights, gases in the air and emotional balancing of the body and mind. This is practically defined with experiments in this book. Anyhow, within 21 to 41 days, a body will be free from aging and disease. 

The Aging Reverse Program is when one is with Kaya-kalpa process naturally. Blood, muscle, skin, teeth and appearance will be organized and 40% of the age will be reduced. A 60-year-old person will have appeared after this Kaya-kalpa process as a 36-year-old or near to that. This reverse aging will be acted the body like a new body and any disease or disability will be eradicated. The life span will also increase using this follow up. 

The second chapterdescribes human Consciousness and enlightenment—attaining a level of“Nirvana”in a particular theory of management using body and mind. One can attain the enlightenment or consciousness per their desire within a three-week timeframe. There are many kinds of consciousness ruled to enlighten. The method is very close to the cave science that is simply explained. Upon knowing the to-do list, one can attain consciousness.

The third chapter details social classifications in planning and organizing everything under a law and nature. This is applicable for skill development and administration. 

The fourth chapterdeals with a prototype based on Indian mythology and epics. The well-defined war field in Mahabharata is describing about Kurukshetra. This Kurukshetra is a prototype of family to nation by planning and organizing the society based on skill and efficiency. The population is described and classified based on the expertise and knowledge in a specific branch of science. Similarly, there are 64 branches of science in a human microcosm. Human life is calculated from birth to death. It is divided into 64 divisions. The expertise as master, skilled, semi-skilled and specialized layman are the four classifications of knowledge. It is very easy to define the attitude and aptitude about professionalism in every area of life. Any classification and taste of activity will become under this ruling of nature.

The fifth chapter describes mythology and its developments during the ancient age—the meaning of every myth. It is a secret knowledge without text for understanding God. It is explained how to feel everything by traveling through the myth and understanding it. By knowing the mysterious terminology, one can achieve or control anything in their life. It is an applicable science for the activities for every day with anyone. It is called Fifth Veda, used and believed that advice from the Masters when requesting something more sensitive. It is a guideline about how to pray and why. This topic is traveling with a practical understanding of spiritual approaches with reasons. 

The next chapters are about the power of the mind. The mind is a powerful weapon that will create wonders, and anyone can do wonders through their mind. In the ancient period, the Masters described thought and taught through their school of thought to society—what to think appropriately and how. Every thought process has the byproducts that create powerful invisible weapons. It is an approach to the way of thinking than doing anything. As per the thought process, a corresponding chemical hormone will discharge from the body. The architect of Egypt, Imhotep, was defined by it and developed 49 thought terminologies. Imhotep innovated the scent science during 3600 BC. He explained the magic of thought—describing the smells and hormones, triangle of fragrances and why the Egyptian pyramid was built. 

The methods used by Imhotep served for expanding the human life span. Also describing similar technologies in different civilizations and approaches, describing the actions and reactions of various good, bad and harmful gas, light, and emitting of physical properties to harm our body and mind. There are billions of negative forces around us that will attack anytime. The reason for cancers are such kinds of forces and emotions—the ultra-, infra-lights, invisible particles, invisible energies, dark energies, daylight of Sun, and night light are described well in this book. 

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